JHQ - Going back for a holiday

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by matt9b, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, my first time in this forum!

    We're going to Dusseldorf soon for a holiday, and want to visit JHQ for old times' sake. Were wondering what's still open to do. Can we still get in the base just with a british passport?

    The last time I went a few years ago, we went to the Fuchsbau and Balkanland for lunch but they had both closed down..

    So sad, I truly believe everyone who lived in JHQ back in the day are some of the luckiest people in the world. I wish we could all just rewind time and live through it all again. Back in the 70s 80s and 90s..
  2. JHQ?

    Remf. :)
  3. lol I guess u could call me that.. I was born and brought up there, my parents were teachers at Queens/Windsors school for 20 years.
  4. I had Chicken and chips in the Fuchsbau a few years ago on a (duty) visit - has it really gone for good? Such a shame.
    I have to tell you that even 3 years back, JHQ had the look of a down on its luck, passed it Hollywood actress. Most of the eateries on camp were shut down (YMCA, the Malcolm club etc) and the whole place was starting to look a bit seedy. Obvious lack of investment as it faces the inevitable closure.
    Enjoy your visit in any case - you could do a lot worse than just stay in Dusseldorf and base yourself in the old city. Some cracking bars down that way.
  5. Can still get in with passport. Fuchsbau still open. Balkanland closed last year. Nice Italian and a greek on road outside JHQ.
  6. In that case, I take it back.
  7. I think if you just jump on the number 23 bus its takes you straight onto the camp without any problem, I'm not sure about taking a car onto the camp. The only facilities that you might be barred from are any shops flogging tax free goods, the other shops outside the main NAAFI are open to everyone, the Red Lion closed down some years ago, like Slipperman said it begining to look a bit run down, MG is a boss night out though.
  8. I was a pupil at Windsor 1991-1994, I always thought it was a good school.
  9. Thanks guys, we'll give it a go with the car, if we don't get in then we'll just drive around, maybe go to that italian pizzeria with the doughballs
  10. You will probably find most of the camp shut down. when I was last there it was run down and tired looking. Don't think you will see as you remember it
  11. JHQ low down:

    Aladdins Cave - Closed
    Star House Furnishings - Closed
    Marlboro Club (and Chippy) - Closed
    Everything to do with the ARRC (Echos, Dutch PRI etc) - Closed
    Buschoff NAAFI - Closed
    PX - Closed

    Going Strong:
    Joe's Pizza
    Sparky Bank
    Travel stuff
    JB's - NAAFI cookhouse incorporating Chippy and bar
    Encounters - NAAFI run bar (next to the post office)
    Encounters Cafe - next door to the Bar (old YMCA I think)
    Iron Duke/Sports and Social on a friday (maybe Saturday?? aswell)
    Bowling Alley

    I haven't heard of the Fuchsbau (Chicken in the Woods) closing (don't quote me) and the Italian (old Vita's) is still going with a different name. The Greek is good (Santorini's) outiside of camp.
  12. I was at JHQ from 06-09 and it was still quite a thriving place at that point. That said it must have been some posting when it and Wegberg were in full swing.

    My SFA was in MG which I think was a good thing as it encouraged Mrs imbiber and I to make full use of the city itself. Was last there in Sep 10 for a night and the place definitely has a "sinking ship" feel about it.