JHQ Corps Day

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Outstanding, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. wasn't that just so much fun!
  2. 0900 Hrs, No 2 Dress....champagne breakfast, suits you Sir!!!!
  3. Glorious and not at all sweaty!!
  4. Dont concern yourself with the sweating, how was the Champagne??? or was it sparking wine?? Cheapest possible bidder and all that jazz!
  5. If you didn't resent the corps, you do now. What a pants day!
  6. Sounds like everything is just rosy in 1 Bn!
  7. Not half as rosey as my head ws the morning after.
  8. This sounds deeply worrying and gayer than a big gay thing. Someone please explain what dross (or otherwise) you were made to endure..................................
  9. A delightful and nutritious ‘Champagne’ Breakfast whilst being serenaded by a REME band and listening to readings about Corps history. Including the role of the Corps in the second Gulf war………in 1991!!!!!
  10. But No2's? And the earlier quote about a pants day? I hope it didn't start at 0900 on Saturday, unless 1 MI have dropped the Freaky Friday. :?
  11. Yes, it sounds like your average Lightsider p1ss-up.
  12. It was a good excuse to get up eat a massive fry-up and drink for the rest of the day with a hog roast thrown in. I say that if you can't enjoy a summer's day with beer, G&T and a bun full of pig then you must be one of those constantly f'in whingeing twats who whinges their tits off about 14 sigs never having been there. So we had to wear #2's for an hour or so, big f'in deal...... it was worth it for the big fry-up, don't get that in my house no matter what I wear.
  13. I like the cut of your jib baldy! What about a bit of fizz before brekkers, that'll smarten 'em up!
  14. if there are people who believe 3 hours on a saturday in two dress is worth it to get a free breakfast then the corps really is in trouble!
  15. I thought the breakfast was good. But then I was still p1ssed from the night before.