JFK assassination

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by matt12345, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. I Watched This online documentry about JFK assaination and BUSH seniors Link To it. I found it very intresting. It is 1 hour 30 mins long so you will need some spare time to watch it.

    Its intresting and im sure there are plenty of people on here that will love ripping it apart and tell me to start wearing tin foil on my head.

    so for you people its posted as a matter of intrest and nothin more.

    Watch The Film Click Here

    Added this link Download and save to watch at your leisure

    Download and save click here

    I woud like to hear all comments (but would be nice to have them from people who have taken the time to watch it)
  2. It's great to see you're not deterred from posting this - thanks for that. I'll watch it at some point when I get the time. You shouldn't need to qualify what you post to avoid a nasty response. There'll be undue criticism from certain quarters, but sadly, it's par for the course - abuse or derision often steps in when the willingness or ability to hear or counter the opposing viewpoint fails.
  3. It was Elvis who fired from the grassy knoll, backed up by the CIA and the Mafia, to cover up the involvement of Hitler and "Princess" Diana in an kung-fu assassination attempt on Fidel Castro, that would have been uncovered by attorney general Robert Kennedy. :wink:
  4. You forgot to mention he was riding Shergar
  5. Who was loaned to him by Lord Lucan.
  6. no one acctually watched this yet from the comments made.

    This film doesnt deny Lee Harvey Oswald was there.
  7. I've only got one thing to say.

  8. Only we true conspiracists know what really happened - it was suicide....
  9. Sorry matt but I'd be hard pushed to care less...
  10. As i feared this thread has turned into conspiracy bashing. I posted this film as i found it intresting if your not intrested in the jfk assasination then move to a thread you are.
    As i stated at the top of the thread i found it intresting and it is a long doumentary 1 hour 30 mins .

    "Most of you will probably agree the invasion of iraq is to do with oil. But we are told it is to do with making the iraqi people free and that saddams regime was a clear and present danger to british citizens"

    If you agree with the above statement then you do belive in conspiracys.

    conspiracys are carried out all the time from 2 chavs in the park to the higest level of democracy.

    Conspiracy Defenition.
    An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
  11. ^Who really gives a monkeys fcuk weither JFK was slotted by the Cubans/Mafia/some fcukin' walt patsy/CIA/FBI/B'n'Q shelf stacker?

    It was 40 odd years ago and really has no impact on what is happening in todays real world now does it?
  12. That is what they want us to believe!
  13. Well according to this documenary it is conected to people at the white house today. and almost every president since his assasination.
    I did ask for people to watch it before telling me it was a load of shite.

    You obviusley dont give a monkeys fcuk and i dont really. I just found it intresting if you like a good conspircy yarn or documentry then it might be intresting to you.
  14. Maybe a brief synopsis? Somebody might be interested but 90 minutes interested is doubtful.

    It isn't issue dodging or a conspiracy to cover up your conspiracy theory of conspiracy.

    I personally don't think any Kennedy is worth 90 minutes of my time.
  15. Right, just watched 42 minutes and 30 odd seconds of this "documentary" and started falling asleep, it's full of rumour, theory and conjecture. Nothing has been "proven" and to be honest there is nothing new that hasn't already been sensationalised by Hollywood in it.

    Pure conspiracy tosh that feeds the tin foil industry.