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So why are you encouraging it? If it is in the papers it is fair game. I suggest that anyone who is interested reads the full evidence on the Baha Mousa Enquiry site, full statements and supporting documents available.

It is not a secret.

Further tittilation available on the Chilcot and Al Sweady sites.
western said:
By raising another thread on the subject.
this thread was raised simply to explain why a thread had been removed. it's not rocket science and it was not intended to provoke further discussion of the subject matter.

It is public domain, so what is the issue?
the issue is that it is an ongoing inquiry. some do not seem able to confine their comments to what is appropriate. certain elements of the media are not above lifting quotes from arrse, and unfortunately it is not always easy for them to differentiate between serving members of the corps, prospective recruits, and tinfoil-hat wearing mongs.

so, thank you for the links. those that want to read more can go to the inquiry website (as many already do).

thread locked.
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