JFC Naples/(AFSouth for us Dinosaurs)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Desperate Dan, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Now then you bunch of malcontents/miscreants and perverts, Mrs DD and Meself are about to move to JFC Naples. Now I know that this is predominantly a Pussers post, but there are Crabs and of course the Military there as well.

    Sooooooo, following the old adage that time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted, have any of you been posted there. If so, any SENSIBLE (Incoming!!!) information about the place would be more than welcome, you know the score, where to request quartering, vehicles, what to take/what not to take etc.....

    The Hive is good, but the personal touch is better.............

    Cheers Guys

  2. I served in Latina in the mid 90s. You'll most likely be quartered in Lago Patria. I think there's a very good social scene with the Brits and also the NATO potatoes. Hallweg has just come back from there. PM him and I'll get him to respond.
  3. My info is near enough 20 years out of date. As with any posting, it's what you make it. Hope your Missus can drive tho'!
  4. Thanks Guys, this one is a bit of a fastball, so all info very thankfully received. Guru I will PM Hallweg over the weekend, cheers. PT, yes the long haired colonel does drive (but not very well)!!
  5. The driving round Naples is the worst in Italy. The road surfaces are terrible. I wouldn't take too good a motor with you.

    Crime is always a problem. I wouldn't take anything of sentimental value with you.

    The food is fantastic but be careful with the shellfish!
  6. Yeah mate,

    I have been briefed on the "crime factor", but is it REALLY any different than a big city in the UK. I know that the quarters/Hirings etc are alarmed and shuttered. I s'pose there is always insurance.....

    On the Vehicle front, the only real issue I have is that I purchased a 4x4 in June, and I am not too keen in taking it with me, I think a fair left hooker would be better, but of course I have to off-load the 4x4 first!!!!
  7. He crime IS as bad as you've heard. It's the Liverpool of Italy ;-)

    It was less hassle driving in Basra than Naples. But not as much fun.
  8. **** me, my missus is going to love that!!!!
  9. Thoughts:

    The restaurant food is cheapaschips and feckin' brilliant - as long as you speak enough Italian to not need the tourist menu. Start learning yesterday

    O - and you really have to try hard to eat badly/expensively in Italy.

    The locals are where the Mafia came from: if you ain't 'one of us' you're fair game.

    I learned that only after I realised (on day 1 at HQ AFSOUTH) that I'd been short-changed by about £35.00 for a coffee (too many feckin zeroes on the old Lira notes . . . . ), and didn't know any Italian words that would help me argue the money back from the hard-faced old trout who had taken advantage of my error.

    It's a place where old girls can eke out a living selling second hand newspapers at not-very-out-of-the-way car parks, for unfaithful hubbies to put on the inside of their car windows, while they shag their mistress/some tart in broad daylight, in the middle of the week, alongside of a dozen other similarly undulating Fiats . . .

    Napoli is closer to Africa than Europe (Roman saying)

    The driving, BTW, is less aggressive than in UK: look closely at the drivers honking their horns. I never saw one that showed any sign of high blod pressure - the style of driving is different, rather than inherently dangerous. Best to go with the flow, than insist on driving 'properly' according to Brit rules: they don't apply in Naples any more than the rule about a proper meal being meat, 2 veg'n'gravy.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy. I envy you the opportunity.
  10. It's not a car out there, it's an assault vehicle. My first day there I sat at a junction for 20 mins waiting for someone to let me out!!!! Remember, a red light means GO!!!!!!
  11. How many Neapolitans went round you and carried on to their destination in the meantime, I wonder :wink:
  12. Most accidents in Naples are caused by AFI plated vehicles because they think it's a free for all and can't drive like the locals. No road rage there because you expect shit to happen.
  13. Not just the locals. The PO scab lifter had a good chuckle at my expense as he swerved round the polite Brit!!
  14. I have a friend posted there; unless he puts a carton of fags a month with his rubbish, it does not get collected...one example among many.

    And do NOT take a decent car there it will be ruined/stolen/ shipped to Africa/Albania.....
  15. Ah, back handers and the black market.

    How much does 200 Marlboro and 50 litres of fuel coupons go for nowadays???? Dodgy receipts from the bomberla man too.