JFC Brunssum

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by macdonald135, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Just found out that I am posted to Brunssum in Jan. Just wondering if anyone can fill me in, in what life is like around that area and what the camp is like? Also what is that crack with NATO tax free cars as apposed to just general tax free cars? I know that you are only allowed to purchase one per tour in a NATO unit.

  2. I think for a singly it is a money fest. Which is important. IIRC the scoff was OK in the cookhouse, they seemed to have a reasonable social side, camp OK, but you can go and fcuk yourself working for NATO...
  3. Whats wrong working with NATO? Sorry this is my first NATO unit and third overall so excuse me for sounding a bit thick lol
  4. Nothing wrong with working for NATO, they get all kinds of extra cash and perks, not just privatly but when working with them too. You want it you got it, if you need it in the office.

    Good to work with differing countries too.

    NATO cars, I think you get a NATO discount too so it is dirt cheap. Not sure the about one tour though.
  5. Perks are good, I think you get cash instead of fuel coupons in Brunssum. Personally I hated working in NATO and I know I'm not the only one. Plus I worked in 1 Sigbde and were constantly banging heads against the wall with the ARRC. Mind you, the problem characters were Brits...
  6. NATO posting are not so bad, agree brit officers cause more problems. As for tax free goods, it all depends whats written in the SOFA Agrement. In Italy we are allowed fuel coupons, tax free fags & booze (limited choice for both) and a new car every six months.
  7. are you going to be posted to Brunssum itself, or just live and commute to Maastricht?

    brunssum is a bit poo, but good areas around it including Heerlen, Valkenburg (good casino), Maastricht, and only 40 mins from JHQ/Elmpt if you feel the need for a larger British contingent.

    as for tax free cars, it depends on the make you buy. Merc,BMW,Audi definately do NATO prices, not sure of others. cant remember the % i got off, but only paid 17800 for a BMW that would have cost 22000 in germany and 27ish in UK. so it saves a couple of beer sheckles.

    and if a singlie you get a food allownace of about 50000 quid a month!!!! only joking, about 7-800 euro. (am not bitter, as a pad got fcuk all!!!!!)

    the only bad thing about it is the fcucking amount of yanks!!!! but the dutch female soldiers are definately worth taking a look at!

    enjoy it, i'd go back again tomorrow.
  8. NATO Cars went bust last year, don't I know about it, more whinging officers moaning about how much they've lost on their new BMW X5's/Merc ML 320's
  9. When I was in Italy, our fags disappered and I had a wadge of cash stuffed in my hands......allegedly
  10. I moved from Fontainebleau to Brunsum in 66/67? when France pulled out of NATO. We were the first British troops stationed there since WW2. Have to say, after France it was like moving from the stone age into the light age! What a bunch of arrogant, ignorant tossers the French were/are. In France the villagers were still doing their laundry in the river. Our flat had a flush toilet, if you can call tipping a bucket of water into the pan flushing it.

    I loved Holland and the Dutch.

    Happy days.

    P.S. My car Reg was something like AFC 00070. long time ago! :wink:
  11. Nice place, if you are living in the block in Brunnsum it has a good bar, which most contigents come to on a Friday afternoon as it has a good atmosphear, mind you the Dutch block has a nice cafe which can be good for lunch.

    Tax free cars, if you come out of the top gate and hang a right you will come to a car show room, they give you 25% (I think it is the diplomatic rate or somesuch thing) But there are a few independet dealers offering their wears around. There are a few other sites near by, such as E3a about 2 mins away if you go through the back gate, that has got a large NATEX and a cheep scoff house. The one on camp is not bad either IIRC €2.5 for a meal, so considering you are on about €50 extra SMA, winner!! Oh and the rooms are big enough to have a football match in!

    Can't remember for the life of me the name but one of the bars in town had topless waiteress on alt Saturdays. There are a few of random large clubs near by, the sort with lots of rooms and a cafe, they are always good fun, plus there are a few town to enjoy.

    Like Murcury said, Valkenburg, that can be good, and the Henney VIII pub does an great full English :)
  12. Bugger I am a dirty pad :( plus I have just come from JHQ, so at least its not too far away so I can go back at weekends if i get sick of those dirty Yanks. Plus I was due to do my GTI course in April but i think that is getting sacked now until I see the boss in Brunssum. What is the gym there like and who is it run by?

    Are the tax free cars 25% off the already tax free car or just 25% off?