Jews and Arabs can never live together, says Israeli vice PM


When Avigdor Lieberman, a populist Israeli politician frequently compared to Austria's Jörg Haider and France's Jean-Marie le Pen, proposed to bus thousands of Palestinians to the Dead Sea and drown them there, he was just a fringe member of government.

That was three years ago. But last week the controversial nationalist joined the coalition government led by Ehud Olmert in a much more senior role, as vice prime minister with special responsibility for Israel's most pressing issue: the threat from Iran.

In his first interview since taking office – exclusively with The Sunday Telegraph – Mr Lieberman said that the best means of achieving peace in the Middle East would be for Jews and Arabs to live apart, including those Arabs who now live inside Israel.
As far as im aware even Hamas have never talked of drowning Jews in the Med and are boycotted...while Israelis make this racist bigot deputy PM, who will no doubt be hugged by Bush and co in the White House sometime soon.
He sounds a completely reasonable chap, who will doubtless enhance regional stability no end

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