Jewish Mum of the Year and The Jews at Ten

Why all of a sudden is channel 4 bigging up the Red Sea Pedestrians?

First we have 8 MILFS trying to arrange a party, some divorced or desperate. All bitching at each other.

The BBW Blonde Irish Jewess got chucked off, she looked to be my kind of girl, although she may not be impressed with the Turtle neck Jumper keeping my bell end warm.

This was followed on More4 by Jews at Ten all sorts of celebrity jews telling dits about jewishness, some there alleged comedians must be big on the bar mitzvah circuit, but where else. The tart off Eastenders would get my undivided attention, she has the kind of face that needs a cock growing out of it
What bint off Eastenders, most creatures on there are hags

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I m looking forward to UK Islamic Father of the Year!especially when his daughters want a western life style...!!
. . or the scene where the daughter Preeya introduces her new boyfriend Jackson to her dad. "He's from Jamaica Dad, isn't that cool?"
I watched the first few minutes, load of bollocks; 'Your first task is to organise a Barmitzvah' a real Jewish mother would have had it catered, and got her hubby to pay for it.

They're all fakes, especially the ones with less than five children.
Erm.... Divorced? How Jewish is that? Is it just me?
There aren't as many widows as there used to be, and those cruise ships still need filling with eligible women of a 'certain' age.


Careful, the wily Jew is also a shapeshifter. However, they can be easily distracted by throwing small coins at them.
Jewish Mum of the Year - 4oD - Channel 4

I had a lot of Jews at my old private school, non of their mums were good looking.

The muslim lads mums were normally driving fancy cars and wearing enough gold to sink the average rowing boat....and not very "Muslim" looking at all. Some of them were rather tasty.

The Christian mums were a mixed bag.

I always found it strange that good old Golders Green Jews and Manor Park Muslims would want to send their pride and joy to a Christian run private school where we had 2 services a day.
TV review: Jewish Mum of the Year; Fresh Meat; Nurse Jackie | Television & radio | The Guardian

Can't upload photos from work, only send a link.

I wondered about the amount of Divorced and separated taking part, admittedly some did deserve being separated.

I agree about getting the caterers in, one of my drivers, Spanish ex NHS Chef does a lot of work in the Kosher Katering sector and gets a tidy sum for it. Probably explain why they cocked up the cake.
How come you can't copy & paste IMG Urls?

i.e right click the image you want & 'copy image address'.

Lunchtimes at MOD in Stanmore in the mid-80s were often spent cruising the matzos aisle in Safeway and wondering why God's chosen women were so good looking (at least until they hit 30) and God's chosen men so ugly. Never met one that desperately wanted goy action, though. A woman that is, of course. Or a man, for that matter.
Why has number three got her hand down the knickers of number two, I thought it was a family show?



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This is television isn't it? I am aware of the concept. It is the noisy flashing thing the servants watch when they are not working. It keeps them in their rooms and out of harms way, so it must be a good thing.

The more television the better I say. Are there any television programmes that involve dancing? I do like dancing. I move like a snake dipped in olive oil. See me gi you heart attack. A bit like this. Except I am a 6'4" blond Nordic sex God. But apart from that....

I'd bang the second from the right like an epileptic on speed.
To be honest, whichever one that slipped her drawers off would do me.

Seems to be a blanket rule


Second from left looks like a downie. Have the three from the right cleaned and lubed and brought to my quarters.

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