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Jewish board of directors

Schwartz, Cohen, Ginsburg & Langenscheidt, four Jewish friends, decide they want to go into business together.

Schwartz says, "OK ... I'll invest £100,000."

Cohen says that he'll put in £200,000.

Ginsburg says, "All right, I'll put in £150,000."

Langenscheidt says, "I'll put in £600."

Cohen says, "If I'm putting in £200,000, I'll be the President and CEO of the corporation, Ginsburg, for your £150,000, you can be Vice President, Schwartz, for your £100,000, you will be CFO and Langensheidt can be the Sexual Adviser."

Puzzled, Langenscheidt asks, "What is a Sexual Adviser?"

Cohen replies, "When we want your f**king advice, we'll ask for it"

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