To be honest, I'd rather not trust a Pioneer with a pair of boots, never mind a jetpack, having worked with them in the past. (incoming!)

Or just get a ladder.

Better still, go kinetic and bring the inaccessible place down to you.
Yeah, I'm thinking that catching a round or some shrapnel in a fuel tank would be enough to ruin your day.

But, what do I know - it's not rocket science or anything.
30kg of kit to get up or across 500m that has to be humped from insertion point to place of use and then not thrown away because it is too damn expensive not to - you guys doing the job for us that can't may be able to do it, but the procurement posse, I don't think they have that faith in you!

That and they are still not stable enough.
I met that bloke Eric Scott, at the Scottish motor show at Knockhill earlier this year. He was doing his jetpack business, and I have to say I can't imagine there would be a long line of people putting their names up for that course if it were introduced! I took a decent picture of the thing, I'll dig it out of my hard drive and post it up.

Edited to say, I found the picture, but buggered if I can work out how to post it... I really am quite the biff when it comes to internetting.:roll:
I think handing alcholics rocket packs is a great idea .Its scary enough
being in a rigid raider with a pioneer behind the wheels .Having them whizzing around a fibua village would be intresting . Probably great for drawing fire but thats about it .
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