Jetman crosses channel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thebutlerdidit, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Can't see the point really. To enable launch you have to get into an aircraft, fly to 8500 ft and jump out before deploying wings and turning on the engines. Then you have to land by parachute. May have well have stayed in the plane, landed normally, saved fuel and avoided repacking the chute.
  2. Looked like a great laugh to me. Whats the point? Is one really required??

    Sign me up for a pair of jet wings!! :)
  3. Absolute fooking headcase....
  4. The RAF Regt will have them by a week on thurs.

  5. I believe in the saying, 'learn something new every day'. If everybody took your cynical attitude there wouldn't be invention or innovation.
    Who knows, in ten years time..... or do you still do your washing with a dolly peg and does your car suffer pre-ignition?javascript:emoticon('post',%20'message',%20':)')
  6. From his stated launch height,could he have glided with no power into Dover?
  7. Bloody hell. Pre-ignition.
    I'd forgotten about that. A real blast from the past.
    Like white dogshit and eight-track digital watches.

    Still. From 8,500 feet the tw@t could have done without the wing and rocketty things and still made the other side, just by jumping a bit as he exited the aircraft.
    I wanted to see him loop, roll, write his name in the sky and generally fly like Tinkerbell or whatever that fairy's bloody name is.
  8. Pah,
    Brian blessed beat him to it years ago
  9. Not if a committed bunch of Brits stand on the cliffs of Dover with gimpy it wouldn't. I reckon it would make the invasion of France alot more fun though, we haven't kicked the French in in aaaaages.
  10. I'm sorry - Lobsang Rampa (aka Cyril Hoskin) who could have been twinned with a character in another arrse long running thread was doing this gliding stuff in Tibet when Michaelangelo was still using crayons.
  11. Are you sure it wasn't Fancy Smith ?