Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jumping_Hat, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Bought a jetboil the other week..... now the fecking thing is broken..... ceramic around the ignitor cracked and now won't light .... have to use a lighter instead..... nice.... anyone else had this prob?
  2. NAH - Hexi never breaks!!!! :D :D Only into smaller bits to burn even brighter.

    That is the trouble with crap like that - cannae get the spares.
  3. Take it back the the shop. Quote "not of merchantable quality" if they give you any grief (I doubt they will). Maybe you were just unlucky with a duff one.

    Oh and search the forums for jetboil, it's been done to death and most people seem to like it.

    (apart from those who are too tight and say they 'like cleaning hexi smoke from their mess tins' - usually the same people who dont need twisters because they weren't issued them! :twisted: )
  4. cant beat the jetboil top bit of kit fella.
  5. Well mine has never broken - but if you have a look at Jetboil Maintainance Kit you can find the part you need. Yes, as with anything more complicated there is an increased risk it will at some stage break. However I have found that nothing comes close to being able to get a brew on in less than 3 minutes. And not having to clean black nasty sh!t off the bottom of your mess tins...
  6. Thanks for the feedback fellas, back to the shop for spares......

    Heh :D funnily enough only use hexi or BV on exercise don't have to worry about spares or availability... :wink: Only use the jetboil for adv trg and the like, it does work a treat! Timed it's boiling water at 1.5 mins.... 8) fecking unbeleivable! Hardly enough time to put the makings in a mug!

  7. I bought a jetboil 3 months ago. Have used it in Alaska and the Cairngorms in varying weather conditions. Excellent piece of kit. Very robust and i wouldn't have anything else.

    Can't believe yours broke. I was starting to think mine was indestructible.
  8. Boiled water in 40 secs. Was 50*C in the gulf though...
  9. The little mesh thingy on the burner has fallen off mine still works ok though. I just have to make sure I don't lose the damn thing though.
  10. I've an opo that sell's them and he's only had two returned with faults,the distributor did a straight swap,they will unless it's looks like it was in your side pouch when you jumped!!!

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