Jetboil use in BATUS

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by magictorch, May 15, 2010.

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  1. It maybe a silly question but does anyone know if you can use a jetboil with the canisters of gas you get from the CANEX shop in BATUS? I can't remember but aren't the Canadian gas canisters a different screw thread to European ones? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. A former Commanding Officer of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards once banned the use of Gaz burners within the regiment saying "there are no Gaz stations in Omsk"

    Granted this was in the days when we were defending the capitalist west from 3 Shock Army but ..........

    Have things changed so much? Are there Gaz stations in Helmand province? I didnt see any for sale the last time I was in Bastion .............
  3. Are you on drugs? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable question to me.
  4. Jetboil canisters are available in Canada.

    There is a Mountain Equipment Co-Op in Calgary, you may be able to order some gas from them and have it posted to your units address in BATUS

    Do you have any mates on permanant staff there? The civvie address for CFB Suffield isnt that hard to find.

    Ref using gas on exercise, it isnt re-supplied, Hexi is......
    The best way of cooking on the prairie is with a BV (can be made to work in a land rover) or ripping one apart and using the heating element in a H83 container to make an oven.

    Use your imagination.

    Failing that, Cactus Pizzas deliver to the whiskey gates along the Jenna Highway and take orders over the Motorolla phone patch (apparently) :soldier:
  5. I am sure you managed to cook on a kero heater G11 in between bouts of using portaloos as minflare zeroing targets!!! Thinking back to that am still amazed with what we got away with and what you didn't DOH!!!
  6. they sell regular gas canisters in the walmart in Med hat, and also in the 'canadian tyre' place (think Halfords but huuuuuge)

    Although TBH the Bvs are the best way to go out there, fitted in all armour, and in the SV fleet
  7. And yes, the pizza place certainly delivered to the Whisky gates in 1998 ;)
  8. My bold: IIRC the Med hat wallmart store was quite good however unsure if the 'stocked' they correct specific type required, emailing the Calgary stored mentioned would be a good idea mind you to widen your options
  9. Not sure about the Walmart but lads with Jetboils got the right canisters from Canadian Tyre when we were out there last year
  10. Canadian tyre dont sell them any more, I tried last month.