Jetboil Stoves

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jack-daniels, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got one and are they any good? Also, do they take the bog standard camping gaz cylinder or is it a special one that you have to use?
    It's for some Xmas gift vouchers that I need to spend!
  2. I have had a one for years . One of the best bits of kit for hillwalking to make a brew or heat a meal . It does take standard gas containers .... Coleman . I have had some problems with mine with the spark igniter however I always carry a turbo lighter ... I believe the ignition system on the current model is better . I suppose it is horses for courses you can get lighter compact burners but the Jetboil certainly satisfies my needs well .

    JD I am sure there are threads on here about this burner ... must go .... Mrs B_R is issuing commands like a Portugese Admiral .
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  3. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I use the Primus version the Eta Express. Which is a similar version.

    Both take the standard screw thread camping gas cylinder available in various sizes. The 220g cylinder fits inside the cup for a small pack down size. Fits in a standard utility pouch. A 2.5min boil time for 1 litre is quite impressive.

    There are better extras with the jetboil should you require them.

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  4. I always use for the Crusader cooker and three hexibolcks. It's a design icon, fits underneath your water bottle and it'll boil up a pint of water in about 25 minutes in fair weather. Beat that.
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  5. Lots of reviews on youtube.
  6. I use the MSR cartridges in mine. 20% bigger and the gas has a higher octane rating, which gives better performance
  7. Cheers chaps!
  8. I was going to buy one of those... Is it really that shit?
  9. Its even worse if its used with the greenheat gel that was sold with it
  10. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You'd be better off leaving your water bottle out in the winter sunlight to get quicker hot water ;)
  11. Crusader cup, half full, BCB cup lid, 1x hexi block, summers day = 9 mins to boil. Yes, I timed it

    If you are going low tech, it's probably the best.
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  12. Just to add my tuppence worth. I'd recommend getting one, second best bit of kit that I've bought. It's great having your brew made and jetboil put away whilst everyone else is still trying to get theirs lit.

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  13. Get yerselves one of these badboys. I love hugging trees, me. (Then burning them of course).
  14. Good bit of kit, got given one in Afghan - cracking bit of kit. Quick simple and gets the job done. (Starting to show up in QM dept too - hence getting one in Ghanners.)

    Gas bottle is the same as a bog standard coleman gas bottle. (Also the same valve as some of the issue gas bottles for the blow torch.)
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  15. I too love the Jetboil, especially as I have the tarty cammo one that makes me uber special!

    Quick boil time, you can actually boil on the move as you can hold the cup with the burner attached, as already said, the new version has a more robust ignition system. If you get the stabiliser and pot holder top thing you can use it as a normal burner too.

    Some negatives though. If you place the small gas canister inside a damp cup, or if it has condensation on it, it quickly rusts around the base, marking the non stick lining.

    I have tried to cook soup/beans directly in it, but because it is such an intense heat, it just burns straight away, welding itself to the cup.

    Its easy to forget that the actual burner is part of the cup and so the bottom of the cup is red hot when removed from the base. Not much fun when you grasp the bottom or rest it on your leg! I have also seen someone place the protextive plastic cup straight onto the bottom of the metal cup and weld it on thanks to the heat.

    However, if you are not a mong and realise its little set backs, its a great bit of kit.