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We have seen the pre production models, have them on order with Jetboil and they were due to us mid May but that date has slipped. In terms of quality they are quality products, well built etc etc The additional cost is for the aluminium and titanium used in the construction of these 2 models. We don't think they will be as popular as the Flash due to the price but there is a market for them, original mountain marathon competitors etc. Hope that helps
I have used the earlier version for a number of years , hillwalking , and it is excellent . I did buy as a seperate item the stability tripod for the base ... this comes as part of the kit now . My model has a Piezo Ignition system which can be a bit temperamental but has never let me down in ~4 years ... the version you are looking at has a much better design . The gas pressure control knob on mine is a also bit fiddly and small and the new design seems much better ... easier use when wearing gloves . To boil time is impressive .


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So what's the difference between this and the bog standard one? The weight is in the gas canister anyway.


The classic jetboil has been discontinued and they are no longer in production by jetboil although retailers will still have residual stock left. There are a few differences between the new jetboil zip and classic Jetboil. The new zip is a cut down version of the old classic. It has a 800ml pot instead of the 1ltr pot in the classic,the zip does not have a piezo (therefore the zip will be cheaper), the tripod is included and it has a drink through lid with a pour spout/strainer. The Sol titanium/aluminium have all of the above but have a piezo included. They will be lighter in weight. However, they are not available until mid July. Hope that helps..

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