Jetboil Pouch?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Will.I.Am, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Anyone using a Jetboil found a decent pouch for it? Seen a TAD Gear one on fleabay, but cant find another one.
  2. What's wrong with the normal utility pouch?
  3. Good point.

    Normally keep my stove in a day sack, and a "star" cooker in my webbing incase that goes tits.
  4. RVOPS! Great service. Give them a call :)
  5. Jetboil (with small gas cannister) fits perfectly weill in a normal utility pouch.
  6. What's a star cooker? is it that little folding tripod jobby that can hold a lump of hexi and support a metal mug/mess tin?
  7. Every variant imaginable is here:
  8. ...which is about the same size as a PLCE ute or WB pouch. Free from the the generous QM! :roll:

    $45.00 ! Fcuk me!
  9. wotw, that's an interesting comment. Do ACF AI's get access to the QM?
    Are you reliant on the QM of the parent unit of your detachment to provide kit for you and the kids? Or do you have to scour ebay/Silvermans etc to get kitted up?
  10. Well, I can see why Yanks might need one - I've not seen a MOLLE pouch of a similar same size as the utility pouch (waiting for all the links to the hundreds of variants actually out there.)

    But, even if any ACF AIs need to (or choose to) buy their own gear, whether for some sort of "gucci warrior conviction" or merely to allow the limited amount of webbing their unit has available for issue to be lent to the cadets, £10 for a 2nd hand PLCE pouch (which even comes in UK DPM for free) is a lot less than $45 plus postage.

    I must admit, when this question came up, I took my Jetboil, which normally lives in a daysack, and pulled the webbing out of the cupboard, shoved it in the most likely pouch and came back and posted.
  11. The official answer is Yes. And No. Officially we can go diffy and buy any kit we are not scaled for at QM prices (which is nearly everything in existence!)

    In practice it's patchy and difficult. E-bay is a lot less hassle and if you bid sharply (20 seconds on the clock) not too expensive in the long run.

    We do have Cadet QMs for each ACF county/sector, but standards can and do vary wildly. As you are no doubt aware, there is suddenly a lot less money about for the ACF's kitting requirements. PLCE Webbing and any bergans other than All-arms are rare as rocking horse shite.

    As for access to parent units QMs. I wouldn't push it, what with the current tempo of ops.
  12. Thanks
  13. Why would you have a cooker in your fighting order. A pretty fragile one at that.

    Get it in you daysack.

    Or are people still living in the imaginary war with the Russians and carrying waterproofs, washing and shaving kit and NBC suits in their webbing.
  14. Beltkit is what you fight out of. Bergan is what your live out of.
    You should have a day's rations in your beltkit as you need food to fight, but it doesn't have to be hot.