Jetboil, How good are they

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jase2472, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Thinking of getting a jet boil how good are they and are they worth the money

  2. Mmmm, I wonder if this has been discussed to death before.

    Perhaps I should do a search??

  3. Probably has been discussed before not sure but mate of mine had one on last ex, didnt think too much of them, pretty big for what it is.
    Each to there own but i think the pocket rocket is a decent burner.
    Hope this helps
  4. Works well but it is a bit big not impressed with self igniter getting the
    small size gas cannisters can be a pain but works well with ordinary cannisters and in fact is more stable.
  5. Lovely bit of kit, a bit on the big side (but it's meant to replace the mug as well isn't it?) and the ceramic surround on the igniter is a bit too fragile.

    Great for office wagons though! :p
  6. there huge, whole pouch on your webbing gone, or half your daysack

    MSR pocket rockets are the way forward
  7. I think that they are an excellent bit of kit when used in the correct place. I wouldnt want to cart it around in my belt kit or daysack (not out long enough to warrent taking it). When in a harbour they are by far the fastest for squaring admin away efficiently. The downside is the noise, especially if there is a troop full of jet boils!!
  8. Apart from the noise, good bit of kit - light, quick, no mess and easy to use. I've had it out of my daysack, brew made and packed away again in 2 minutes. It will fit in a webbing pouch if you want quick brews on a tab.
  9. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    You have time for a brew when tabbing?!
  10. Only problem is you become your bosses brew bitch .As its so easy to do got the self igniter replaced and its brillant bit of kit .Ok it take up a pouch but after bullets and water and food what else are you going to carry
    Definatly goes along with gortex and warm kit as essential carries.
  11. My ceramic surround broken within about a week.... is there a place that does spares?
  12. I think they're excellent, big yes, but highly effecient... even a small gas can lasts ages (or is that simply because we don't do enough proper exercises). I've had mine for over two years... its not faltered so far.
  13. Its called maintence kit should be sold same place as stove .Reccomended
    it to my csm so either i think the jet boil is good or i am sucidical :D
  14. The kid on youtube says "they run to $70 to $100". If you were in the states and could get one for £35 it would be the way forward.