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Discussion in 'RAC' started by BarceBandit, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Hope this is of interest, RAM tank fitted Whittle Jet at SADE, (Spesialised Armoured Development Establishment). Boffin idea for mine clearing, idea was that jet blew away sand to reveal mines, in practice mines flipped up like frisbees!! and you took pot luck where they came down.
    But was very useful for clearing snow in winter of 47!

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  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Could do with one of them down my way to blow the sand back on the beach from the road.
  3. I seem to recall a T-55 variant with jets on it. Can't remember if it was a firefighter model or an NBC decontamination vehicle.

  4. The latter IIRC.
  5. The 2nd and 3rd images look very Valentine like (especialy the size, tracks and suspension layout). Me thinks they must have tried it on more than the RAM?
  6. Hoochie, you could well be right, I can assure you that at SADE they tried rockets and jets on most things, even an 'anti tank ditch jumping Bren Carrier'! (with disastrous results!)
    I know that my late mate 'Paddy Ford' 79th.Armd. had some hair raising time there!

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  7. The sovs had what looked like a Nene engine mounted on the back of a Zil truck for spraying decontamination fluid on tanks. In the event, the main use it got was removing the snow from the airfields round Kabul. :roll:

    If you want a really wacky idea, I note that Bovington has recently mounted its 183mm Tank destroyer turret back on a Centurion. Apparently the director of FVRDE took one look at one of the prototypes and said 'over my dead body'. it was cancelled shortly thereafter.
  8. There were three 'SADE's', many of the service staff were from a Squadron of the Buffs, I forget without checking my logbooks which RAC they were, but were from crocodile's of the 79th.arm.Div. (141 RAC. BUFFS)
    I bet the Bovvy conversion couldn't look worse than this! Churchill Gun Tank.

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  9. Oh I dont know!

    The turret that survives at Bovington is the state 2 (recently refitted to a spare mk7 hull) though ive a vague recollection the conway also survives on its original hull.

    Im sure ive seen one of those Churchills at Bovington as well. It was in a hell of a state having been unearthed somewhere (south downs?) with half the superstructure cut away. probably restorable to static though. I did hear a story on tanknet that they were cancelled as a project because nobody could decide if they should belong to the Royal Artillery or the RAC. Glad to see everyone in wartime Britain had their priorities right!
  10. They were used in '91 to put out the oil wells... IIRC the blew them out pretty much!

    T C
  11. Stuart666. You are correct re the Gun Carrier Churchills, in 1999 at Arpinge near Folkestone a number of these were unearthed and one was rescued from cutting up by the RE's and it is at Bovvy.
  12. Hello,

    the Royal Air Force used to have some snowblowers like that in the 1980s.
    I think they mounted onto the front of a truck and were eventually replaced for cost reasons.

  13. I'd pay good money to watch one of those, must have been a Univesal CarrieAAArrrgggghhh!!!!
  14. Am I wrong in thinking that the M1 Abrams has got a jet turbine engine?
  15. Another picture of the VALENTINE-based mine clearing tank:


    This one was fitted with a w2/700 turbine, but trials were also conducted with JATO units.

    and a couple of before and after pictures of the hedge-jumping carrier: