Jet Man! Video

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Trip_Wire, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There was somthing like that before but without engines, It was sponsored by Red Bull, The man was dropped from a high altitude and crossed the english channel and landed in france 10 minuates later.

    Wonder if somthing like it will be used by the Airborne forces?
  3. Remember that one, didnt he break some kind of record for doing that?

    Good to see balding ,middle aged bloke pushing back the boundaries.
    Kind of jet propelled Victor Meldrew?

    Utterly brilliant invention though, makes hang gliding so last century

    Link to above
  4. Except Hg pilots don't need a plane to take off. Loser!

    BBR, REME, Army and Joint Service Intermediate Class HG champion 1999. :numberone:
  5. paint it green, slap on a para, how long will it take...
  6. Ah the answer ta Teeny Weeny Airways problems.
    A cash buy that even Gorden the Tightfist would aprove of.
    A fulley equiped Sqd of Twin SMG armed intervntion troops.
    Load a bunch of AAC Pie eaters in back of Herc, Standbye patrol and launch when Tom on the ground is in trouble.
    Flashing swoop on the dirty rebels, 64 rounds of 9 milly up their Karsi, snellmaken landing and time for tea, biccys and Medals with greatful grunts.
  7. Imagine one of those falling into the hands of our radical friends. It's an organic cruise missile.

    Standby...Shooting Run, Shooting Run!
  8. its like the bloody hawk men from flash gordan. there was somthing in the papers about the non powerd model being reviewd by the MoD but wether thats got any basis on reality or is just an atempted to shift papers,

    but that said il say this, i wouldent trust a set of issue jet-wings when i dont trust my issue boots
  9. That is the coolest thing this millenium! Wow!