Jet boils on issue.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Was on a TA course last week and one of the regular DS cracked on that the army is going to be issuing Jetboil cookers to every man jack.
    Now on the face of it that kind of makes sense, how many hexy cookers and blocks are issued only to be dumped unused at the end of the exercise and how much would the army save by using a re-usable cooker. On the other hand how many thousands of hexy burnders are there in the qm's stores, already paid for .

    So, any truth, for what its worth every time I've seen a jetboil its either missing its lid, got a broken igniter or plain just won't work.
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Doubt it - things just are not robust enough.
  3. If toms were issued the tommy cooker (hexi stove) and received just he hexi it would go a long way to reducing cost...

    chances of jetboil being on issue... nil. Not at a 100 squid a pop.

    That said, a number of unit PRIss have chipped in and provided them for 'group use'.
  4. We've always been able to get hexi fuel rather than a whole cooker; I've had the same one for years. I imagine there may be millions of hexi cookers in stock and as well as being cheaper to buy, they must be easier to store in bulk being a fraction of the size.
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  6. some units are issued them and it wouldnt be a stretch to imagine them buying a similar, inferior design and issuing that. Thats what a big chunk of kit ends up being anyway.
  7. They were on issue on H12 as a UOR, when we arrived on H13 there was only a couple left.
  8. As a former 58 pattern hexi block infanteer and now a middle aged hill walking jet boil owner I was musing about this the other day as I sipped a brew over looking the Bristol Channel from the North Devon coast.My initial reaction when I first sparked up the JB was amazement and 'bloody hell I wish they'd had one of these when I was in'.For civvy use I think they're phenomenal, I particularly like being able to brew up sitting in the car with the door open and the stove down by te foot pedals as the rain lashes down at the end of the day.But they are hopelessly non-tactical. Noisy, lots of fiddly hot bits all over the place and fatally delicate.If the shouty man appears from a bush shedding thunder flashes in the middle of a hexi-brew you just stamp on the stove and bail out.Not so good with £100's worth of bits to bugger about with. Gucci but not for issue.
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  9. Possibly hopelessly outdated but isnt the tranportation of the fuel at least one of the reasons why hexi is still issued?

    Not likely to go bang or leak/burst into flame at the slightest spark (or even with a box of cuking matches applied :) )
  10. Never understood why hexi's get thrown away, they may be consumeable but surely it''d save a lot of money if once used they were puto to once side for use again, even if just for on exercise?
  11. Smother the blocks in chocolate and feed them to impoverished kids from sink estates or Afghan villages. It's almost the same as Kendal Mint Cake.

    As an aside, if TPTB do get rid of hexy, what will the Toms of the future sit around watching?
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  12. I've got one for the field and absolutely love it. That said I've got a Metal Crusader Mug for when it goes tits up. It does rattle, but no more than crows carrying two of them in their Puuch Utility before working out that they only need one and a mucker's Mess Tin to make it boil quicker. I've solved that issue by the judicious use of beer towels. I would have thought a better issue would be a cut down version of a Trangia stove. Never used one personally but they're a lot more low tech, have NSN's as our Scandi Chums use them, they run off practically anything inflamable. That said they are fecking large.
  13. There is this little thing called The Dangerous Goods by Air Act that clearly states that pressurised canisters of gas cannot be carried in aircraft. This applies to military aircraft in civilian airspace as well as civvie aircraft. Not sure if it applies "in times of war" though, but it does apply to routine flights in choppers etc.

    I can't see crab air being too chuffed having to ensure no one is carrying a jetboil onboard their taxi.

    55 bergens unpacked on the ramp of a Chinook whilst the pilot rifles through the kit.
  14. Imagine the hard-ons the Brize movers would get!
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  15. I just black-nastied a loop of paracord around the bottle, fits perfectly without rattling now.
    Quick, someone make a hexi-telly iPhone app!
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