Jet Boil

theres a cotswolds shop in nottingham just off the dunkirk roundabout on the A52 . and as said earlier show your ID card for discount

they have them for £75 on there website
Quick one about Jet Boils. I read in soldier that some have been recalled due to a faulty gas valve, my problem is that I brought mine from the PRI and Larkhill before christmas and have since reallocated. I've tried taking it back to Blacks, Millets and Field & trek a few times in a few different towns but without a receipt i've had no joy.

I can't find anywhere to mail it back too as the company don't seem to have a website for the UK.

Any suggestions??


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I've got some in stock - ARRSE and MOD90 discount too!

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£50 for the Jetboil
£30 for the frying pan (like you're going to fit THAT in your WB pouch!)

That's today's ARRSE price! :D
I like mine. It's got limitations, but I knew that when I bought it.

Some say the ignitor is dodgy, and sure enough mine started playing up. But if you fiddle about with the sparking element (opening and closing the gap to the mantle) it comes back to life.
Same with mine, but I bought one of these from RV Ops

The dogs probs after fitting that

and for added bonus, these are available too

and this:
I got the pot support and the base thingy as well. Not sure about the cutlery though! I managed to "borrow" a nice long spoon from our local coffee shop which will do the job nicely.

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