Jet Boil recall

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by happybonzo, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Quite a few people use the Jetboil stoves. There has been a recall on certain models; details below.

    Jetboil recall details
  2. I note its the newer models, not the older ones. Thats what happens when you try and cut corners to save a few cents on production.
  3. Aye, i have one from a few years ago at least, fine (ish) had to replace the igniter from the repair kit, nephew bought one with a few of his mates, igniters have all gone apart from one. And much slower on the time taken to boil up.
  4. Yep, same here. I'm on my 3rd igniter now. I still think its a super bit of kit though.
  5. My igniter was a bit dodgy for a while, but if you just fiddle with it, and push it around the wee ignition pad, it seems to fix the problem. Worked for me anyway ^^
  6. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Is the recall US-only?
  7. Mine is ok .Had to replace the igniter once .Only problem is you tend to cook alot more than your own scoff .Its great hearing "Dont bother getting your hexi out we will be moving off soon "Only to be already drinking a brew :D
  8. other than "jetboil" is there a faster way of cooking....dont say microwave... i saw a "turbo" cooker somewhere a long time ago.. just wanted to know what it was..
  9. it may have been "whirlwind" ?
  10. Emailed Jetboil they are doing free for USA but they gave me the addy to email for us lucky UK pple.
    Have pasted the whole response so that everyone knows what the answer to our problem is :D

    Thanks for your email. You have two possible courses of action, either return it to your retailer, or direct to ourselves. Please note that we are unable to dispatch replacement stoves to anything but a UK address.

    The normal course of action is to return your Jetboil to the shop you purchased it from for inspection and any required corrective action. This is because your retailer will replace it, or forward it onto us at their expense. If this is not possible, you can return the product to direct to Lyon Equipment. This will be carried out as a gesture of goodwill as the product has not been directly purchased from Lyon, and also means that we can not refund your postage.

    If you choose to send it direct to us, please use the following address;

    Lyon Customer Services

    Clock Garage Industrial Estate




    CA10 3SS

    Please include your name and address and daytime delivery address for return.

    Hope this helps and i'm so glad that a BFPO number counts as UK address (or does it)