jet boil fuel

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bawheed, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Was wondering if anyone could give me a hand and tell me if there are any stockists of jet boil fuel canesters in and around Edinburgh .Have been looking on fleebay for it only found one in American and they wont ship it to GB due to it being a fuel. Tried to find a stockist who could send it to me but no luck could some point me in the right direction. cheers bawheed
  2. Try these:
    Aktive8 operates 2 outlets in the UK:

    103 Lothian Road
    EH3 9AN
    Tel: 0131 228 5047
    Fax 0131 229 7507
    Opening hours:
    Mon to Sat: 9.30am – 6.00pm, Sunday: 12noon – 4.00pm

    The Bike Chain
    30 Rodney Street
    Tel: 0131 557 2801
    Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm, Sun 12am-4pm
  3. no websites at all nil oc just want to check but will be out n about the morn so will check if there aint any
  4. You can get the re-sealable gas canisiters in any 1/2 decent outdoor shop Tiso/Blacks/Cotswold plus your local little shops will have them Endinburgh will have loads
  5. I do sympathise with Bawheed's predicament (but not his speeelling and gramar). The Jetboil instructions say to use a specific mix of fuel. Most of the commercial ones available in camping shops are a different mix which will invalidate the Jetboil warranty.

    Unfortunatly, I've not been able to find the right mix, or the Jetboil branded stuff either. You'll just have to use the best you can get and live with the fact that if it goes tits up, then your warranty is useless.
  6. step ahead already emailed them waiting for them to get back to me just seeing if anyone on here Kent about getting some just hope they supply some more help would be appreciated
  7. 'StabTiffy2B The Jetboil instructions say to use a specific mix of fuel. Most of the commercial ones available in camping shops are a different mix which will invalidate the Jetboil warranty'
    Not so as i was just on to the phone to the stockist the only problem you may incur is that the jet boil fuel is mixed for maximum boiling time so it might take a few more Min's apparently
  8. BH

    do they sell the Jetboil fuel though whats the SP on that
  9. Hi,

    try Tiso on Rose street as they are a stockist. There is also a blacks on Fredrick or Hanover street if memory serves me correct!

    other option is

    any problems Pm me
  10. The cylinders from Millets fit and work perfectly well.

    Jetboil cannot invalidate a warranty unless they can demonstrate that the other fuels burn at a higher temperature that has an adverse effect on the metal of the burner (unfair contracts legislation) in which case they have an item that is difficult to support in normal use and is entering into the realms of "fit for purpose".

    back in the real world though I've had one for 3 years and only ever run it on standard high street cylinders with no problem.
  11. Just got back from a weeks exercise tabbing round Scotland in some pretty awful weather.

    I used my Jetboil every day and it is great.

    I use the standard camping gas cylinders that you can get from loads of different camping shops. I think the ones I have now are from Cotswold camping - but I have used several brands.

    I have one little one which I keep attached to the Jetboil in its own container which I keep in a waterbottle pouch on my webbing. I find a small container lasts for at least two days hard use.

    I carry a spare small one and a bigger container in my bergan and can use if I am in one place for a while.

    Jetboil is great

    Hope that helps.
  12. The automatic ignition is playing up on mine (nearly new) - it is shorting out on the stem and not sparking in the gas. Anyone else had this problem or know of any solutions?
  13. Mine started doing that sunday. I bent the spark contact thing down further towards the jet bit, and slowed down the gas, so the valve is only about a 3rd open and it seemed to ignite okay then.

    I think the piezo ignition is a bit of a weakspot of this design, but Jetboil do a replacement unit