Jet boil alternatives

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sniperkona, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. I use a msr pocket rocket with the clip on wind screen for the gas, anyone else think jet boils are just a craze?
    I have a jet boil also and it's just as heavy as the msr set up with primus pots.
  2. I think they are a big bulky gucci gizzit. Yes they are bloody good bits of kit, but I'd stick to the pocket rocket, I find that they're just as good, and take up a lot less space. With a little can of gas, they also fit in your daysack better
  3. What I like about the jetboil is the click-on cup (don't know whether the MSR pocket rocket has it as well). It's for clumsy ******* like me, so I don't think they're just a craze :biggrin:

    The only downside of systems like jetboil and this MSR is the use of gas cannisters. Can't take them on the plane and they're not available in every country, which makes a hexicooker a more reliable though a bit outdated alternative.
  4. Trangia...

    It's the b0llocks. Or hexi.

    Problem with jetboils is that it is too quick. you spend your time just watching, where as with hexi or a trangia you can put your scran on and then do some admin. And if you want a litre of hot water in 60 seconds, just boil it up in the AM, and put it in your flask for use later.

    Job jobbed.
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  5. Jetboil is just another over engineered way of extracting money from gullible people.
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  6. Seconded. Hexi's free and you can't beat sitting around the hexi-tele getting a hexi-headache
  7. I second Trangia, gas set up and spirits for when you can't do gas. A little on the bulky side but I have used mine for 24 years now and it still does the biz.
  8. BioLite
    not out til next year, but solves the problem of gas on crab air, and charge your kit up whilst brewing up!!
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    they should market it without the fancy fecking recharge your mobile phone option as well - I'd buy one.
  10. There are similar stoves ont eh market that don't have the electric options.
  11. Get a stripe(s) and get a crow to do your scoff its light weight and cheap.
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  12. Hexi with the crusader cooker!
    Limited light and reduces the need for loads of tablets.
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  13. what was wrong with the old hexi/grenade tin combo?made for some interesting all in stews
  14. Peak 1 multifuel- runs on unleaded petrol or Coleman fuel, doesn't weigh a ton and a full tank with a 500ml Sigg bottle spare lasted ages. It did have a few moving parts which might be a problem in dustier climes. Mine still gets used (for the odd powercut brew) 20 years on.
  15. The Kelly Kettle, can only boil water, takes an age to get going, if you use it in the wild then you need and axe and then you can only use dry tinder after that then it all has to be chopped up and I am for ever coughing a spluttering whilst trying to pour water into my mug with streaming eyes from the woodsmoke.

    apart from that I always use it, its not been on exercise as of yet though.