Jesus walks into a bar

Irish man, Scottish man and a scouser are all having a drink in a bar. While they're sat there drinking away, in walks Jesus and sits down at a table near by.

The Irish man sends over a pint of Guinness for Jesus. Jesus drinks this.

The Scottish man sends over the finest double scotch whiskey, which Jesus drinks.

The scouser sends over a pint of Stella which again Jesus drinks.

Jesus then gets up and comes over to the table to thank the men for their drinks.

He turns to the Irish man and says "Thank you for the Guinness, I really enjoyed that!" He then shakes the hand of the Irish man and the Irish man shouts "My bad back! Its cured! Thank you Jesus!!".

Jesus then takes the hand of the Scottish man and shakes it and says "Thank you for the whiskey - it was wonderful". The Scottish man then jumps up and shouts "My arthritus its cured. I can walk without a stick. Thank you Jesus!!"

Jesus then turns to the scouser and the scouser jumps up and runs away! Jesus says "Whats wrong?" and the scouser shouts back "f**k off and stay away from me! I'll lose my disability benefit!"

(Courtesy of "www.ships nostalgia")

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