Jesus is an Aussie !!

If he can miracle up a lifetimes supply of Bundaberg for Goatrutar and Calvados for me, then I'll believe, Oh Hallelujah I'll believe!!
That explains the miracle at Galilee. Jesus wasn't walking on water....he was surfing!
He can't possibly be. Fosters proves Aussies are only good for turning wine into water.
Jesus an Aussie? Bollocks - how are they going to find 3 wise men and a virgin*? Never happen.

*I suppose there's always Goatrutar or MarkTC...
I'll wager his 'Religeous Movement' advocates huge financial donations and not to bound by sterotypical partnerships and free love, espcially amongst the barely pubescent flock
What worries me is the fact that we are reading and hearing about this nut job. Why on earth are we even entertaining this idiot? Surely people don’t believe this bollocks.

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