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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Not living in the UK at the mo, and only loosely connected with home news, I was only moderately intrigued by why a murder, they happen every day bear in mind, was taking up so much media space. Now I start to see. Apparently the police in Bristol intend to take DNA samples from every male in the area, quoting that finding a culprit is more important than personal privacy. I think I shall be staying abroad. Permanently.
  2. If you've done othing wrong you've nothing to fear..........Blah blah blah!
  3. Well, their standard approach - pin it on the first local eccentric that pops up in the investigation - has failed. I read yesterday that there are plenty of private CCTV cameras in the area, but after they found the landlord had a blue rinse they decided it was him and didn't bother to request access to any of the footage. Now the images have all been automatically deleted due to the passage of time.
  4. Not being funny, but it is time that perhaps this approach was taken to trawl in the culprit. Perhaps a letter could be sent out after the act, informing all and sundry that the DNA had been disposed of. The signee of the letter held to full account, should a piece of DNA be later found 'still on the books'.

    After we have the killer, perhaps some sort of investigation in to the local plod... because only information that seems to be coming out inthe press is that the force/department handling this investigation could be run better by the Chuckle Brothers.
  5. I read over the weekend that there were over 100 individuals on the sex offenders list living within 2 miles of her home FFS.
  6. I doubt a lot of people would trust them to actually dispose of the DNA, but surely it's more the principle of it? If the police can't find their own arse with both hands, a map and a mate to shout instructions, is it really acceptable for them to embark, as Plan B, on mass DNA trawls through the population, with the threat of moving to the top of the suspect list as an 'encouragement'? Because if it works this time, you can be sure it will become a general approach in the future.

    I don't want to be rolled out of my bed to provide DNA every time some local person is done in, by half a dozen rozzers with foreheads villainous low, with a trip to the fitting-up rooms as the alternative. (Hmm... owns guns.... cammo netting.... IR scope.... Yippee! Local nutter! Local nutter!)
  7. Wasn't this done somewhere else before late 80's or early 90's the actual culprit got his bezzer to take it for him telling him he was away or some such bullshit?
  8. We should all be providing DNA at birth...oh and a micro chip inserted into the skull....detectable by both satellites and CCTV.... these are to be checked annually like an MOT...results tattooed on our arms. Tracker records of our movements on the planet and criminal convictions can be Googled and freely downloaded. People can be scanned by Body Police whilst passing on the streets... Illegal immigrants are arrested and executed.... fcukin sorted.

    Well that's a start... and Poll Tax... I want Poll Tax...
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Nothing new, DNA screening was first used in the Narbourgh killing way back in the 70s read "The Blooding" by Joseph Wambough
  10. What happens if an individual refuses to give a sample (as I would)? Are they then arrested for blocking an investigation, or just assumed to be the murderer?
  11. Isn't it some local politician wanting DNA taken not the police? It was being discussed on the radio last night and it was mentioned the police, for whatever reason, have not released all the info they know at the moment then the discussion was quickly moved back to the yank turkey shoot.
  12. They'd punch you in the face then offer you a hanky :D

    Or they could just pop in to your house and locate your toothbrush.
  13. What is their evidence that the killer is local (so as to define a DNA trawl area) ?

    Could the killer have planted DNA (of someone else) on the body ?

    DNA science needs to be tempered by the good old disciplines of evidence.

    A problem I encounter with police, in murder inquiry, is "Proportionate" and "Managed".

    Complaint to IPCC gets a response from police almost certain to feature those words. It was "Proportionate" not to have done something (Like forensically test property seized at the murder scene). And case reviews found the inquiry "Well managed". Of course no arrest. And the inability of police to answer questions about the scene and their witness statements is because they don't know the answers but it was "Proportionate" for them to have never asked the questions.

    I have just received detailed answers from a taxi driver witness to a murder in 2008. He specifies that police never asked him the questions. From his answers I have informed police that the efit they issued of a man fleeing the scene was probably not of the shooter. That the shooter may have still been inside the building during the police 45 minute response time. And that their main scene witness is either mistaken or lying.

    The Chief Exec of the police authority is maintaining a watching brief of the Chief constable response. And the Chief constable appears to have been advised (once again) to make no response at all.

    At the time of the shooting there appears to have been a power cut at the house. The FULL extent of police inquiries into this were to check with the electricity board whether there had been an area outage (NO)

    Actually the house had a longstanding intermittent earth fault on its electric gates. Police ask how I know. Because I traced the previous owners. Power cuts were frequent and the earthing problem had not been repaired.

    According to one witness power was restored in the house just before the first shot (froma shooter the police assume to be an intruder)

    IF this was the case (and there is reason to believe it was) then the outside PIR detector lights would all have illuminated plus the electric gates pillar lights. This is why it was important to determine where the can driver turned, how he wasw sighted and BOTH what he saw and what he did not see.

    The timing of the shots to the appearance of a man fleeing followed out into the road by the dying victim. Seconds. Seconds during which the grounds were in darkness and no lights later came on and when police arrived 45 minutes later they could not drive in because the electric gates were closed or partially closed.

    Event facts. Timing, what was seen, what was available to see what was not available to see.

    Trying to persuade police to carry out a proper forensic to include a report on the wiring and alarm system. No (proportionate to not do this)

    Last communication to police was to ask them to interview an electrician employed to repair and change the wiring after the murder (IE Interfere with a crime scene)

    I think the position of Chief constable now is if they comply with the request it would be tantamount to admitting negligence and lying to the IPCC so best stick to its proportionate not to do anything.

    Oh and I did ask what became of the victim's Nissan Navarra. Police never knew he had a Navarra. And I asked about the man who lived at his house. Police did not know another man lived at the address (Voters lists not rocket science). And about police claim there was no property missing. mmmm what about £300,000 worth of cocaine I been hearing about then plods ?

    There is a reason police do not enjoy public confidence. It is because police are useless. Even at the general public first glance. The can driver told the inquest how he phoned police and was told to wait for police to attend. He did so for 45 minutes with a murdered man in the road in front of his car. And (here is the rub) with serious doubt now cast on the police ASSUMPTION that no one else was in danger and that the shooter had fled.

    So whilst the cab driver stood his ground the police had a risk assessment in which his wellbeing was not considered. And police waited till armed officers arrived in the area.

    Cowards unfit to hold the office of constable.
  14. I think you've been watching to much CSI/Dexter.

    Yes, DNA (for example) could be placed on the body, from another source. But so could a wallet, a credit or ID card, etc.

    Police have been sorting that sort of mess out for years.
  15. I didn't start this thread as a plod-bashing venue. The plod ? Simples, either you choose to do it or you don't. Intelligent people seem not to wish to. Pay peanuts and get monkeys doesn't apply here...... pay grossly and get grossness.

    Anyway, back to DNA. Why, why why are successive governments trying to push for a national DNA database ? Considering what DNA actually is, I find this alarming.