Jesus army

Fallschirmjager said:
My pillow has mumps.
I'm sorry to hear that, mine is mostly covered in dribble

Edited because I dribbled
OK, OK I Have seen the fecking light! Now send me some chicks. Cnut.


Book Reviewer
My pillow is fine

The bedsheet has more skidmarks than Ark Royal's deck though.
FZAAAAAP! Ow. Not fcking ducks tawt!! Gurls!!! n Beer!!!
A lot of these Chrsitian chicks...and Muslim chicks too ( musn`t be ..biased now..) just lurvvve white socks.
How many Arrseres have shreds of white sock in their teeth. Or is this the wrong ...thread. Ta Daaah! Sorry. Taxi.
thestoat said:
Has anyone heard of the Jesus army, I think they are great
I good balenced review of them can be found in "The New Believers" by David Barrett.

There was a doucmentary made about them and their double decker bus by channel 4 a couple of years ago.

They also frequently do the rounds of Soho trying to educate everyone in wrong and right.

Well meaning perhaps, but a bit annoying.
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