Jesus appears in maple leaf

Yeh right - and a smiling Santa appears as a rash on my arse whenever I get nooky on a Wed under a full moon.

Utter pish
Looks more like Robert Powell to me.
sunami said:
Nah, it's ST Jade :clap:
Dont shout that to loud or all the chavs will be round
I was more impressed with the "Jesus on a dog's bum" that was once posted on here. But it was animated, so that it alternated between these 2 images:

YesItsMe said:
It is that time of year to believe in any utter nonsense. At least Christians like to do so I think.

Well, do you see Jesus in this?
To me it looks like the caterpillar that browse the leaf had to stop cause it got the runs. :rofl:

You can find the complete story here.
looks more like E.T. to me.
I can't see Jesus anywhere there. It looks like an angry cartoon lion, or, if you turn it upside down, a bee's head. I feel cheated.
Well after my range day on Saturday I was cleared off the range with the normal no live rounds or empty cases declaration. When I got back Sunday morning I thought I would go through my kit and start cleaning it.

Then, when I was emptying out my Webbing he came to me - the messiah himself! I scrambled around trying to find my camera to take a photo of this miracle in the making, finally I grabbed it and snapped a quick photo with quivering hands.

The end result is below for all to see....

I'm a believer

"God...My intelligence is becoming a bit of burden. Get back to me."

Seriously though, I could probably see Jesus in a cloud if I wanted to. I mean, for fecks sake.
I also have an image of Him.However He is seen between the thighs of a young maid,and MDN dosen't like those piccies,soI cannot let you see it!
Schleswig-Holstein said:
if you squint, you might just be able to see Jesus in this picture too....

Nope sorry, all I can see there is some sort of Bestial Orgy, and if the fellow on the bottom gets a reach round off the Lion, it'll make his eyes water.

I think the guy on the top needs to hold on a bit tighter, cos if that lion is anything like my missus, he'll be off and cat food before you can say IAMS.

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