Jessica Simpson and the Pussycat dolls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stacker1, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Jessica Simpson and the pussycats are holding a concert (live on myspace for the people who like that sort of thing) in Kuwait tonight for the American army although the Brits will be attending (purely to hear them sing).
    The RSM has warned the British that he wants no profanity so I guess the traditional "get your tits out" chant will not be heard(much).

    So do any of the arrsers know of any politically correct words/saying/chants we could use tonight?
  2. She's blonde,
    She's white,
    We will make her air tight
    Jess-ica, Jess-ica
  3. I can see we will be banned from all future events.
    I get frequent frowns from the yanks for my occasional lapses and use of the "F Bomb".
    Seriously the only thing more fanatical than a fundamental Muslim is an American Christian.
  4. they dont like the C(nut) word either!
  5. Apparently the last time they hosted an event here
    The yanks were shouting "show us your titties"
    The Brits were chanting "show us where you shit from"

    Chris Rock is also appearing tonight so anyone who doesn't like the word fuck has shit right out.
  6. Has the Badge had a word with him as well?
  7. Really? That's like taking a dog out for a walk and expecting it not to piss on lamposts. :roll:
  8. brilliant
  9. Thats why I wrote much in brackets. What the badge wants and what he gets when scantily clad women bounce around the stage are two different things.
  10. Now look at the pictures and tell me you can think pure thoughts.

    See if the Razzer can do the same (unless he is a poof of course).


  11. Mmm septic boobies
  12. Did the one second from the right used to be a bloke?
  13. 3 of the PCD look like trannies, one looks mildly mongish, only one, the main one would get the award of the pork sword of destiny.
  14. Well its over now, and from I what i hear looks like we will be band from furture shows.

    who was throwing light sticks at the yanks?

    ha ha fcuking yanks