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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oddbod, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. ........should stay out of UK Politics.

    I'm damn' sure he would object if a Politician from the UK went round the US urging people to get out & vote.

    There's enough Political bullshit in the UK at the moment, without importing it.
  2. Sorry but I had to drop this link in as I'd started a thread earlier and could not stop myself from adding a comment (look at the second comment by JJ)

  3. I suppose if Guardian readers can interfere in the US election I guess its fair for Jesse to "help" in the UK election. If Jesse were a Brit he would vote for Tony I suspect. :?
  4. Can't disagree more with OB. The low turnout we have at British elections is a threat to democracy. In the US about 45 % of habitual voters are Democrats and about 45% Republicans - the sort of people who will not vote for the other side until hell freezes over. This means that politicians only have to pander to that 10% of regular voters who may be willing to reasoned argument and change their vote. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Knowing it's such a small group they have to pander to they prey on their prejudices instead. This is made so much easier because in most US elections only around 50% of all those eligible bother to or even register to vote. The two major political parties like it that way because 10% of 50% of the population is 5% overall. This is an easy group to identify and thus swing the election your way. If voter registration/turnout was close to 90% they would have to address the real issues of a much larger group and develop some truly popular policies. The UK is not far behind the US and we may soon have the same problem. So anyone who tries to increase voter numbers is a good thing. - provided as a prominent foreigner he does not try to swing which way they vote.
  5. "...anyone who tries to increase voter numbers is a good thing. - provided as a prominent foreigner he does not try to swing which way they vote."

    That's not the "Reverend" Jackson's game. He's a shakedown artist and a parasite who feeds on ethnic antagonism and he was in the UK to stir some up.

    He was not in the UK to urge people in general to vote. Rather, "Operation Black Vote (OBV)... aims to increase ethnic minority political participation and representation...."

    "Reverend" Jackson is part of that all-too-large crowd that views the elections as a sort of battlefield in which some social groups subjugate and plunder others. It's hard to see how he could raise the tone of civic life in Britain or anywhere else.
  6. He's a c*nt
  7. It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Who gave Reverend Jackson a work visa?

    I presume he's getting paid some consideration.

    Who is he targeting? Black voters. A good thing, turnout is particularly low among the Black vote.

    Who do they normally vote for? A clue - Not Tory , not Lib Dem.

    Why have they not voted for Labour lately? Because the Party has drifted away from the core values they felt represented them.

    Who will they vote for, if they vote? Not Tory , Not Lib Dem.

    The turnout will be so low in this election, that minority interests, will be well represented by a maximum turnout. Myself and Hackle haven't been banging on remorseless about the Forces vote, just to see our prose in print.

    The MCoGB is absolutely going fangs out to get the islamic vote out.

    Who will they vote for? Clue - Not Tory , not Lib Dem.

    It's beautiful , Reverend Jackson is here to increase the vote for the LABOUR Party ,and it's wonderful, because plausible deniability is achieved.

    Maybe if DLB , Mike Rose , Admiral Boyce, Paddy Ashdown or someone else holds a few rallies for Forces personnel, we could get that vote out too.

    Watch and learn people, this is manipulation of the first past the post system , in action.
  8. Good post Not_Whistlin_Dixie, right on the mark.

    Don't be surprised if Mikey Moore shows up as well. He did for the elections in Canada. (as well as Ralph Nader)
  9. "It set the tone for his 45-minute oration - a polished performance encompassing the African slave trade"

    Yes but did he name names? Did he state which tribes and leaders continued selling their own folk to Arabs up to the 1950s and probably longer, long after the English had banned slavery and deployed the navy to carry out its policy.
    Any talk of compensation for the good will given by the UK for loss of trade in thoes dark days?
  10. Do we know which organisation paid for him to come here :?
  11. I appreciate the sentiment that we should get more people to vote irrespective of their background. This site has been promoting the same within the Forces. I also agree that they shouldn't try to affect the direction of those votes.

    I people disagree with the present political party it makes it even more important to vote. How can you get rid of them if you don't bother. I believe that anyone who doesn't vote shouldn't have the right to complain about it!
  12. The guy is a pompous ass!

    Is this not a case of racial discrimination in that he is neglecting to 'preach' to the asian, whites, europeans, and indians in the community.

    I feel deprived by his choice only to preach to the african/black voters in the UK. Do i not matter? Is it because of my skin colour or is it because he knows that peopl like me would tell him where to stick his sanctamonious drivel? :evil:

  13. I think the befanged one is making some inroads into the "traditional conservative views" of a proportion of our south asian friends. :?:
  14. There's nowt so racist as an afro-american politician... :wink:
  15. Jesses Jackson wrote
    Of course he never wrote that, just used it as an example! :D