Jerven Fjellduken - bivi, sleeping bag and basha in one?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SurveyCommando, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone has actually used one of these. I saw them for sale in a shop in Norway last year, size and weight was impressive as were the performance claims. Apparantly it can be used as a stand alone bag, no use for seperate sleeping bag, bivi bag or basha - just zip yourself up in it.

    Quite interested in getting one of these, i'm just wondering if anyone's actually used one and if they're as good as the sales bumf leads you to believe.

    Those not in the know on these have a look at:

  2. I got the catalogue from a guy in Norway that will be out this way ( Israel ) next month
    and will be bringing one to show me . Very interesting.
  3. Looks quite promising to me, its very similiar in principle to the US "Freedom Shelter" which also turns into a parka. Some US snake-eater types swear by them. I should think they work best for people who have their personal admin squared away, if you take the time to set it up and use it properly, it could be a dream come true.
  4. from +10-10 C it is good, colder than that a Sleaping bag is neaded.

    Rain: Use it as a Basha(SP?).

    It is used by Norwegian F-16 pilots as survival equipment.

    In a Norwegian winter it can save your life (no kidin)

    Personal advice go for the King size termo and you have something that takes 2 in a emergency and gives Luxury alone.

    Sorry Norgy spelling
  5. Not sure Id buy one - would be heartbreaking to have to leg it away from an attack on your harbor area and leave this behind for those playing en to thieve - you'd never see it again! Also, I sweat like a rapist in a playpen in a softie merlin anyway, so this would probably be too warm.
  6. Anyone actually read the whole of that webpage?

    I know it's Norwegian, but I had the voice of Goldmember from Austin Powers in my head the whole time I was reading it - a choice quote:

    Dry and airy! If you store a moist, folded Jerven bag (this also applies to tents), it will look and smell like
    an old and spoiled cheese.
  7. Just being siting out in the rain ,Its pissing down and cold in Israel ,In a Norwegian copy of the Jervin bag made by JEGMA
    It's very big 140 x210 cm closed , 280 x210 cm open ,1.26 kg takes up about the volume of one and a half merlin 3 sleeping bags ,you can sit in it closed up with all your kit , the insulation is very thin and sewn to the inner only ,the outer fabric is waterproof with only one seam the inner is not waterproof .the Colour is a mid army green not to dark , The zips are YKK coil number 5 in black with auto locking heads that can be opened inside and out, their are two covered side zips to put your arms out
    The are grommets on each corner and in the middle ,6 in all.
    I will be spraying all the zips with waterproofing spray as water seeps in thought the uncovered zips
    Here's the Web site
    Down load the PDF and its called Fjellduk

    Yours Adam

    Smamit Packs
  8. I think some of the gadgees in the catalogue phots might be in the same boat as you! Looks like a top bit of kit for dogging! :lol:
  9. I see no prices ??
  10. Bump.

    I've just been looking at these, the Thermo Bag costs about £110.00 not bad considering it offers the benefits of both a Bivi and a sleeping bag.
    They have recorded an internal temperature difference of 29oC (-14 outside the bag, +15 inside it)
    Its a little specialised, and perhaps not for everyone, but if the only downtime you're gonna get is an hour or two sitting on your bergan on a windy hillside, it could be just the job.
  11. Interesting products indeed. I particularly liked some of the quaint blurbs, obviously translated into English by a master linguist.
    Is this only for the ladies version?

  12. Hm I am a Norwegian with Dysleksia...

    And the Norwegian site is simmilar, with Sexualy laden words and such.

    An the King Size thermo is the Dogs danglies!
    I eaven got a Shag in mine :thumright:
  13. this looks interesting.
  14. Looks a few years old, but while it has been dug up, what are the best Sleeping Systems nowadays?
  15. Both countrybred conscripts with outdoors experience and SOF guys swear by the Jervenduk in Norway (as generally shit hot kit, there are some situations where a "classic" maggot can be better). Some specialised units have had them as issue, and if you buy one, you will usually be allowed to leave the maggot in camp when you go on Ex, even during winter.

    I know some mountain rescue groups have them as standard kit both for the crews and potential patients, and civilians driving/living in the parts of the country where roads blocked by avalanche/snowstorms also keep them in the car in case of emergency.

    Having tested a squadmates duk both on stag and in the base during Ex in horrible (by southern Norwegian standards) winter conditions, I can testify that they are awesome. The main problem with using it in the foxhole for stag was that the temperature got so comfortable it was hard to stay awake + keep head outside.