Jerusalem Post: Iran to buy 250 jets from Russia

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Taking into account that cost of SU-30 is $33-$45 million, the Iranians plan to spend huge money.
  2. Hmmm as we move ever closer to world war 3
  3. With whom?
  4. If they can get the radar to work properly, they have a world class fighter on their hands. It is bloody expensive to operate though.
  5. Iran simply cant afford 250 Su-30s, I seriously doubt this report.
  6. I doubt too. Jerusalem Post is know for spreading rumours. 25 SU-30's is more realistic number.
  7. J-post is Israel's answer to Al-Jazeer... one can read an article on each about the same incident and feel as though you have delved into a bipolar mind with the disparity of content between them.

    I doubt the US would let the sale of such sophisticated airframes to our most likely to be opposition nation to go through without condeming it publically and getting nasty behind the scenes.
  8. I doubt the the USA can prevent it. Though, unlikely it would happen. It's too expensive for Iran. However, Russia could get a loan or/and be given a military base in Iran.
  9. Too much money for them to buy.....

    Add on top of that the training for pilots on that system, fuel, missiles, ammunition for weapons etc etc etc....
    Thats a hell of a lot of military hardware, and its going to be a lot more expensive than it first appears.
  10. Hang on a minute, while I fully appreciate that ARRSE is full of experts on everything from **** sex to achieving world peace. To all those people stating on this thread that Iran can't afford these aircraft, would one of you care to explain why not ?
  11. Same reason why you dont own a fleet of Lamborghini Gallardos!

    Apologies if you do though!
  12. I was just wondering where they're going to get all the fuel from.

    If they were serious about cutting about the region, they'd be using their wedge to buy oil refining technology from the Russians first.
  13. But I might if I had 2 billion barrels of oil in reserve :)
  14. Irans's defense budget is about 6 billion per year give or take a few hundred million.. just over 3% of their GDP. The purchase of Su-30's would require doubling that expenditure at a time when their economy is suffering from the effects of sanctions and they are importing more than they are exporting. Iran has oil yes... but they have no refining capability and the raw petroleum is much cheaper than it's processed version so Iran's not exactly in a good financial position.

    In a nut shell... they are operating in the red at the moment to the tune of several billion dollars.

    Public finances
    Public debt 25.3% of GDP (2006)
    External debt $14.8 billion (2006)
    Revenues $104.6 billion (2006)
    Expenses $100.6 billion, including capital expenditures of $7.6 billion
    Economic aid $408 million