Jerusalem mayor spied on terrorists for MI5

Teddy Kollek, famous as Jerusalem's mayor for almost 25 years, actively helped the British crack down on right-wing Jewish underground groups in the 1940s, recently released MI5 documents reveal.

Mr Kollek, who died three months ago, supplied British intelligence with vital information about the Irgun, led by the future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, the documents show.
Shock horror, left-wing terrorist bubbles right wing terrorist! That would never happen in oh, say France or Italy now would it? Or Russia and Poland!
The same story happened in NI. There are allegations that pres.Gorbachev was (is) an agent of... maybe even MI5.
The same story happened a couple of posts down if you look (at time of posting)

Alsacien said:
This thread looks like Crufts......
Nice one. I would say more but I'm not allowed on the chair.

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