Jerrycan training.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Bevacur22, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Hey i have just recieved a phone call and have failed my adsc :lol: because i didnt do much in the command task as i was mostly ignored and the rest either stayed quiet or spoke over each other and ignored those who made some good suggestions :?

    I nearly finished the jerrycan but i just dropped it right near the end so i am asking is there anyway i can train to make my safe better at this? I do weights, pull ups, push ups and jogging really.

    I did 13 pull ups or heaves, and i did well on the ice breaker but in the end i failed miseraby :cry: but hopefully i will be a bit more succesfull :)

    Any way just wondering if anyoe failed their first adsc course but did it again and passed? I need something to cheer me up, a jog with the dog didnt cheer me up but annoyed me even more because he kept bumping into me or running off in the opposite direction just to jump in a stream.
    This is a British army forums right? I got mixed up and joined an American army forums and they mistaken me for being canadian.
  2. Gotta be another p1ss poor wind up, feck off cnut
  3. Just do more and more and a little bit more training start doin heavier weights aswell and next time make sure you get your vioce heard over others !
  4. There is no way you can fail the jerrycan if you can do 13 heaves.

    As for failing the team tasks, you must of been stood there like a turd
  5. just carry two 20kg weights?:S
  6. the only way you can really train is to do it for real
  7. can anyone in the forces honestly say they trained for a jerrycan lift, I never have, youve gotta be a serious throbber to fail it.
  8. Pahaha I actually bought 2 jerry cans because I had no idea how heavy 20kg would be. Turns out not very.
  9. one lad on my adsc stood there and said feck all on team tasks, even if your shouting encouragment it counts. As for the jerry cans dont be soft and just dont let go
  10. I'll second that :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.