Jerry Stick Grenade


War Hero
Obviously not live, but a training grenade

Dispatched in time for yuletide, ideal pressie for a 2 year old girl.


Deleted 20555

er fake wooden bit from an entrenching tool.

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$25 for the exploding dildo.

And that's an extraordinary description. :lol:

Thank you for your bid, kiwidoug. :)
Oops, sorry.

Thought I was still in the ARRSE hole area. If it's for charity though, my bid still stands.

As long as it doesn't go to our poor underpaid MPs (Not the monkeys, that lot in Westminster)
Ought to point out to KiwiDoug that $25 = about £12.50


Book Reviewer
Can't for the life of me think what on earth I'd possibly use it for, but being as its for a good cause £40

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