Jerry Springer, bollox?

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Several years ago I remember being at the poolside in Dhekelia with a mate, three sunbeds downs from a chap with his kids. After about ten minutes we were both surprised when sprog-father asked us very politely (no rank visible on shreddies) to modify out language. What surprised us both was the fact that we obviously had been swearing like troopers, but hadn't even realised it. But, all said and done, it was a fair cop and we both felt a bit embarrassed that the padlings had heard us.

Swearing is a funny thing. If I'm struggling to get the Dyson out from under the stairs and inevitably crack myself on the head, then I see the red mist and painfully mutter obscenities about violating a nun's back door; if some tw@t turns off a roundabout without indicating, while I'm waiting to join said roundabout then I hope he dies a violent and painful death. I'm happy with this, I like swearing, and I think that sometimes it is needed, in the right place, at the right time and in the right company.

What I object to is when the media (tv) uses it to shock, to boost ratings or to push the envelope. It is painfully obvious that the 'Jerry Springer Opera' (and how likely is it that those words are ever going to be used together naturally) was nothing more than a ratings chase, following 7 days of hype.

If the BBC wants to go down this road, then fine, but I don't see why I should pay for it. I ask myself, is this really the same organisation that fed intelligence to the free world during WW2 and until ten years ago was the most respected broadcaster in the world?


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I watched it and thought it was the funniest thing that the BEEB has broadcast for years.

I reckon it was money well invested.

The God Botherers getting all wound up by it reminded me of the pre Life Of Brian period with them all foaming at the mouth even though they hadn't seen it.

In my opinion it shows a possible return to challenging, thought provoking broadcasting; part of the BBC charter instead of this constant round of "I'm A C List Strictly Ballroom Celebrity Brother Look At My Dick In The Jacuzzi" reality TV that costs thrupence and acts as the true opiate of the masses.


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MiB - my thoughts exactly. Having said that, I doubt if I would have watched anything with jerry Pringer's name attached if it had not been for the hype.

Still, being fully trained in all aspects of verbal abuse since joining junior leaders in mid 60s, I probably felt more at home with the 'script'.
Fairly amusing - I'd probably be a bit peed off if I'd spent a small fortune to see it at the theatre.

If you wanted to get away from the effing and jeffing it would have been a bit difficult with Billy Connelly on BBC1 and Jackie Brown on CH4!


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I didn't find it particularly challenging or thought-provoking, but then again I only managed about half of it before getting bored and changing channels. Of course the off button is there for everyone to use, but that's not the point here at all. There are two problems with the BBC broadcasting this. Firstly, is it for the state broadcasting corporation, financed by the only poll tax remaining in the UK, to broadcast this? Aren't there plenty of commercial stations who could have done so?

Secondly, why did they pick on Christianity in this way? My answer - it's an easy target, on the whole (Turn the other cheek, etc.). I wonder would the BBC be so keen to broadcast a play showing the 'prophet' Mohammed as a child abuser, or Gautama Buddha as a fat b*stard, or Confucius as a rabid mysogonist? somehow, I don't think so...
I heard that Jerry Springer is an Englishman


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Yup, born in the UK and quite a character.

Taken from a fan site at which has far too many pop ups.

I have copied in the interest of study and information and acknowledge the web site owner's copyright.

"Jerry was born in London, England in 1944 in the midst of his family fleeing from the Holocaust. At age five, Jerry immigrated to New York City with his parents. He can still recall the sense of awe and anticipation he felt as he first saw the Statue of Liberty and passed through the gates of freedom on Ellis Island. In America, they could live without persecution. Jerry's dedication to upholding the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution is a hallmark in his life. For his family saw firsthand what happens when these freedoms are denied.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Tulane University in 1965, he went on to earn a law degree from Northwestern University in 1968. His first job after college was working as one of Senator Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign aides. After Kennedy's death, Jerry joined a law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved into the political arena himself. He was elected Cincinnati's Council-at-Large in 1971, serving five successive years. In 1977, Springer was elected Mayor of Cincinnati with the largest plurality in the city's history. At the age of 33, he was one of the country's youngest mayors.

In 1982, Jerry launched his career in broadcasting as a political reporter and commentator on Cincinnati's WLWT-TV. Two years later, Jerry became anchor and managing editor and was Cincinnati's number one news anchor until he relinquished the post in January of 1993. Springer received seven Emmy Awards for his nightly commentaries, the forerunner to his now famous "Final Thought," and was voted television's "Best Anchor" for five consecutive years by readers of "Cincinnati Magazine." Of his professional achievements, Springer is most proud of his involvement with "Cincinnati Reaches Out," contributing on-site reporting from Ethiopia and Sudan documenting the effort to provide assistance to famine-stricken Africans.

Multimedia Entertainment, Inc., which owned WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, also owned the Phil Donahue Show. One day his employers took Jerry out to lunch and gave him a new assignment... a talk show. Always ready to accept new challenges, Jerry launched the "Jerry Springer Show," a daily, one hour talk show, which premiered on September 30, 1991. Now entering its sixth season, the "Jerry Springer Show" is seen in over 150 U.S. markets and in over 30 foreign countries.

"We celebrated our 1,000th show in May of 1996," said Springer, "and I recently signed a contract to continue doing the show for another six years. I'm looking forward to celebrating show number 2000!"

Springer just completed his third consecutive year as co-host on Jerry Lewis' annual "Stars Across America" Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon. Recently elected to serve as Vice President of the national Muscular Dystrophy Association, Jerry says, "Helping to raise funds for this vital research on behalf of children stricken with these life-threatening illnesses is a privilege." For several years, he has been on the Advisory Board of the Audrey Hepburn Hollywood for Children Fund (AHHCF), an umbrella foundation to continue Audrey Hepburn's formidable work for needy children around the world. Dedicated to improving the standard of our children's education, Jerry has established a scholarship fund at the Kellman School in Chicago that serves the inner city youth.

Now this lawyer turned politician turned news anchor turned talk show host has added "country singer/songwriter" to his repertoire. "It struck me that the subjects of country songs and the subjects of talk shows are very similar." So Jerry penned the title cut of his new country music CD "Dr. Talk." Jerry is now opening for Billy Ray Cyrus on his concert tour, when scheduling allows.

Jerry's determination to succeed and his natural ability to take what life dishes out and turn it into a positive have contributed to his wide ranging appeal. He loves to have a good time on the show and ensures that his audience does too. Consider that this one-time mayor has impersonated Elvis, opened for Billy Ray Cyrus, sung rock-and-roll at Johnny Depp's Viper Room, sat astride a Harley Davidson in a leather jacket and suited up to play goalie for the Intemational Hockey League's Milwaukee Admirals. Balance that Jerry Springer with the Jerry Springer who dissects serious subjects on "Larry King Live" and "Nightline," holds the hands of AIDS stricken children, interviews such notables as George Bush and Jesse Jackson, and is the concerned humanitarian helping to raise millions of dollars for charity. Be it lawyer, politician, anchorman, father, talk show host, country music singer, New York savvy with mid-westem warmth... they're all Jerry Springer."
maninblack said:
woody said:
you forgot to mention his being caught banging whores thats why he stoped being a politician
He was re elected after that. He went from being a councillor to being mayor.

God loves a shagger.
Especially a repentant one. Anyone remember Tammy Faye Backer and her husband? They were televangelists, he was caught shagging his way through the cnogregation and her Immelda Marcos taste in shoe collecting was funded via the kind (but un-knowing) donations to the church from the parishoners.

I've watched these televangelists (Benny Hinn et al) and all I can see are confidence tricksters and badly dressed salesmen. At least the established churches work with the poor, the sick, the elderly, the hungry, the suicidal, and those at most risk in society.

I can't say Springer is too far removed from any of them in my opinion. his "Final Thoght" just adds insult to injury after watching freaks with a desire to show their freakishness on TV have been given the opportunity to make specticles of themselves in public.

Now if you want good-quality conflict TV then you need to go back to when Geraldo Rivera invited the KKK and the Black Panthers on his show and he ended up getting snotted in the ensuing brawl.
Found it extremely amusing, probably more so because I had the guilty pleasure of knowing that by watching it I was offending some God botherer. As always I noticed that the Devil got all the best tunes. It did set me thinking though (briefly), "Eat, excrete and watch TV" sums up much of the developed world these days. I couldn't quite see what all the religious fuss was about, serious theologians have advanced far more extreme views in recent years on TV and haven't been threatened, so what if Jesus says he's "a bit gay" IT'S ONLY ENTERTAINMENT .

If GOd exists he should be big enough and hard enough not to worry.

I do think that I will find an excuse to use "Three nipple cousin fecker" at some point, Maroon-X would make a good target.
Usually the "final thoughts" wrap up the shows fairly well, and make a valid point.

The show itself is entertainment, and there is so much fighting between guests you know it is encouraged if not staged. Insult the "guests"? They do know what show they are on.
You can only take so many though, as they begin to all blurr together :lol:

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