jerry cans

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by finfin, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. on the jerry can carry at selection is it 2x 20kg or is it 20kg with the two combined :?
  2. 2 x 20kg
  3. ok thanks
  4. If you can get a couple of 20L water jerry cans to practice with it would be beneficial as its worth while to get used to the grip and movement of the jerry cans. I got my son two to practice with prior to going on selection which helped. If you cant get hold of any trycarrying your mums shopping :wink:

    You do 5 x 30m without dropping the jerry cans to complete the course so worth practicing turning after each 30m's and make sure he jerry can handles are dry.
  5. best technique to carry them is to lock your arms down your sides

    shifts the weight onto your shoulders
  6. carrying jerry cans? good lord i thought thats what my batman was for!
  7. I had a stolly to carry mine in.LMAO.
  8. when you're at selection try and be the first lot to go on the jerry cans, otherwise the handles can get harder to grip due to people putting their sweaty hands all over them. :)

  9. i find thats aload of rubbish......its only 2 lenths and its piss....once i got to winchester phase 1 training in week 1 i think it was i had to do 4 lenths with jerry cans and i always went last and dint have any problems....if they r sweaty give them a wipe with ya shirt