jerry cans

Can anyone give me tips on how to complete the jerry can task in a successful time, like how can i train for it, for example building my shoulders?
As smudge said, get something heavy and pick it up and walk, walk until you drop it... then rinse and repeat. I got two jerry cans from a scrap yard for like 20 quid.
#6 old are you? Your photo on facebook makes you look 10!/profile.php?id=1102719479&ref=search&sid=506492098.438585124..1
Closet_Jibber said:
People actually need to train for that part?
Apparenty. God knows how these people will climb the rope on the assault course with full CEFO on?!?!?

They must have arms like match sticks.
future_para92 said:
Beat me to it :evil:

Simple answer is if you can't do the jerry can task then you shouldn't have bothered turning up as you are not fit enough. Not that you need to be to carry jerry cans. Do press ups and situps and weights, and if you really want to: walk with them.

Its a piece of pish it really is.
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