jerry cans

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by phil_CMT, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. hey all just wondering if you no of any excercies or what kind of weight training i can be doing to in crease my grip and carrying potential?


  2. fill some jerry cans up with water and carry them around..

    do the same with sandbags..

    hand grippers..

    failing that..

    find some good porn ;)

    edited to delete a link which on second thought seemed inappropriate.
  3. well i dont have access to any jerry cans? and sandbags where can i get them from?
  4. just use heavy dumbbells
  5. Try helping your mum carry the shopping home.
  6. Anything you can carry in each hand that weighs 20Kg should suffice. Like 2 full bags of mums shopping.
  7. i have literally done nothing to practice for jerry cans, i did pre ADSC yesterday and i gotta say i found it easier than i thought it would be.

    a friend of mine who is going into the marines tipped me that when practicing heaves, squeeze the bar(or whatever you use) this will help for grip
  8. 2 bags of mum's shopping... at least double it people!....walk aroud in the garden until the ol dear realises she's missing some shopping...they're a bit slow these days :D , it should see you ok.

    Syn :)
  9. I used 20kg bar weights at the gym and also put a couple of hand towels around the chin up bar to improve grip. Not even using weights is the same because they don't sway around with water in them
  10. Neither do Jerry Cans if they're filled properly :wink:

    Get to the point where you can comfortably hammer curl 20kgs then Jerry Cans will never phase you again.

    Well besides when some rupert decides every other man needs to carry one whilst on exercise. (Just hope they empty yours early on)
  11. Get a powerball, and not the cheap rip off's. Link
  12. Buy a BIG KNIFE
  13. B&Q??

    25kg bag of sand costs about £1.60

    I have quite a few and use them for excercises

    Partly on account of being tight and refusing to pay for the gym every month, and because they are a great way to train imo
  14. how far do they want you to carry the jerry cans or is it untill you drop.
  15. Do you just squeeze this?