jerry can lift

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bourne, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone suggest ways to improve on the jerry can lift, im female and have been weight training to gain upper body strenght but its not working, i find it really hard to grip the cans . The careers centre wont let me go for selection untill i can do the full 150 meters with them. Any advice? Thanks
  2. How heavy are the jerry cans? Why do you have problems? Sweaty palms? Or just a lack of grip strength?
  3. Are you allowed to wear the weight lifters gloves? They might help with the grip.
  4. Dead-lifts are the way to increase grip. Also using an Olympian bar; ie too big for your hands. Or pinch a couple of jerrycans and trog about the house all day with them.
  5. i thought this was going to be about a strong bloke called Jerry... :?
  6. its the grip i have problems with and i have small hands, it pinches me until i cant bare it and drop them. I have 2 jerry cans so i suppose i better start doing it every day
  7. Yes, perform training that is directly related to what you want to achieve is your best bet. Get gripping those jerry cans! It doesn't take long to strengthen your grip. Powdered chalk will help immensely.
  8. I filled 2 holdels with sand to 20kg each and walked up and down my road.
  9. Did you not feel a complete cunt doing that?
  10. lol i would, id get shot at, maybe like thats been said, use some chalk, i do when i wieght lift.
  11. It was about 7 in mornin b4 my run lol