Jerry Can Lift

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by amy31, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. i am currently using some old oil drums to practice jerry can lifts... the handles really hurt me hands, wondering if on the real jerry can test i would be able to wear some gloves for grip? :strong:

  2. You can't fail the jerry can'll be fine.
  3. No you can't.

    It's fine, it's a 'deal with pain' scenario as opposed to anything else - first 3 laps are piss, 4 hurts then 5 is a fooker and then you're done.

    Don't know how girls do on it, but it's not too bad a test.

    Don't worry about grip, they're fine. It's the kind of plastic that sticks to you and drags your skin off as opposed to getting slippery. Good stuff.
  4. You'll only fail, if you can't manage to pull your own trousers up in the mornings!

    or after a quick knee trembler in an alley at 0015hrs
  5. i'm sure there isn't any harm in trying to improve your grip strength regardless. Some methods:
    1. Soak a towel right through then wring it untill almost dry.
    2. If you have a gym membership pick up the 2 biggest free weights and walk a lap around the weights room or several...
  6. With each hand of course!
  7. Errrrrrrrrrr? what's a Jerry Can lift?
    Pics you might find of interest........RE Jerry Can Factory, Fanara ,Egypt, 1952.

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  8. Here we have documentary proof: Jerry Can Lift:

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  9. I wouldn't worry about it to be honest. The only point of concern is if some sweaty mongrel uses them before you then the handles are like a slip and slide. Having said that we were allowed to use chalk.
  10. chalk is a lot lighter than a jerrycan.......
  11. I'd much rather use the chalk than the jerry cans. Do I have to ask or do they give it to me quickly when I'm not looking?
  12. Your weak as piss if you cant do the jerry cans honestly. Girls maybe.. but lads, you have some serious issues if you cant do it IMO
  13. What Car Magazine?
  14. Prince ALB as an old pro on here you should know better. The girl was asking for some advice not abuse. Forum rules no obscene or vulgar stuff. Do the right thing mate and delete. Cheers
  15. If you cant pass the jerry can test then a career as a pet op is not on the books.
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