Jerry Adams visits downunder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Red-On, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. Yes the bearded smiling git was clocked by by self and my ex engineers opo dishing out autographs and propaganda in a Brisbane bookshop...

    The temptation for a drive by was overwhelming but being in oz was quickly diminished by the need for a cold beer...

    It would seem our bearded friend has now picked up a career in publishing, next thing you know Martin Mcguiness will be hosting childrens shows!!
  2. fu*king murdering scum, wonder if thats what he signs as his autograph
  4. In the last 'Assembly thingy/ Whatever is was', I was led to believe that McGuiness was Minister for Education... Makes your skin crawl and sets your teeth on edge just thinking about it.
    The idea of a driveby holds a certain resonance...
  5. Arhh Good old Jez,

    Just like Bill Clinton you know; he took drugs but never inhaled!

    Old Jez held a gun or two….but never pulled the trigger!

    Ummm…Mag to Grid…….Get Rid!