Quick question: 'penetrate the Saturdays', does it mean in the undercover operative/mole sense or am I being naive?
He can't help himself with his Airborne opinions.

Fally, please dont take this the wrong way, but cadets run off the back of Chinooks as well (probably not under fire though!) - anyone with two legs anyone can do it, in fact, its probably motability scooter friednlly as well. Seriously though, its incredibly sad that we have lost a proper airborne capability as we had with 5AB and now need to dress it up as 'airmobile.' which is hardly a specialist concept. A para-drop capability is an enormous capability in terms of both logisitics, skill and indeed guts. An airmobile concept is no different from transporting a gaggle of window lickers from A to B on the happy bus - my mother does that for a living! And that is no disrespect to all those winged up - its just a sad fact of the current defence and economic climate. Understand youre recently back from a sandy place - good to see you home safe mate.
No disrespect intended Fally / AirborneJock, I was merely trying to state that the parachuting element of being airborne seems to be constantly and slowly eroded away. All soldiers, from any unit are capable of heli-deploying, parachuting is a completely different animal yet our political masters seem to think this is a concept that we can either have on a much smaller scale than before or perhaps even do away with altogether. Ill never understand the muppets who give it 'the last ever massed drop was Suez.....' rubbish. It only needs to be needed ONCE and we'll be kicking ourselves if the capability isnt there!
I wouldn't be at all surprised. It's like the fucking Terminator: it absolutely will never, never, ever stop.
O2 thief and no doubt about that.

He's clearly some monged up wind up merchant.

Probably stands in his kitchen at 0500 in sperm spattered undercrackers talking to BBC local radio every night.
This will probably go on for about 18 pages before he confesses and will open up the next puppet that he created months ago.

Another contender for the death match bbq at Hectors?
Well he posted on the PARA 10 thread that he and Missus JS are both entered. So you will only need to wait 4 weeks to find out.
indeed, why would an ex matelot enter Para 10?

he also claims to know Tierney, and his opening posts here were about him.

What a shameful creature if true.
Are you still smarting over the fish & chips incident?

I would personally track him down and kick his cunt in for an outlay of a well battered and finely cooked cod and frites!!
Probably stands in his kitchen at 0500 in sperm spattered undercrackers talking to BBC local radio every night.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
I'd not actually read his Arrsepedia entry until today, spot on.
Same here, I didn't know anyone had done one

That picture of his 'tache still disturbs me.

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