Jeremy Vines Joke about Ian Huntley... Sick or Funny?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gyran_Tol, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. It appears the Radio 2 DJ Jeremy Vine is in trouble for a joke news report he played on his show yesterday. The joke said that Ian Huntley had been killed in his cell and the killers had been placed on the Queen's Honours List.

    Do you find it funny or sick?
  2. Funny...... A pity its not true really.
  3. Funny.

    Same thing happened a few years ago; Glen Pavis on Cool FM got suspended for reading out a joke about the Chinese winkle pickers who drowned, not having heard the news about it. Was still funny tho
  4. It is one of them things that you can't help but find funny.... unless you are his Mum
  5. The power of the Media is omni-present. People will believe anything, just look at the "normal people" in the Big Brother House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. people will find a way of taking offence at just about anything you say - it does not follow that offence has been given. Personally I find the speed at which people take offence at innoffensive comments offensive.

    Good joke, wish it were true
  7. Typical of the Beeb to make him give a grovelling apology though.
  8. I cant believe you would say that, I'm so offended that you assume that people would be offended by anything at all!!

  9. Nice one, wish I'd though of it.

    How anyone can take offence at a joke at the expense of such an offensive creature is beyond me, bit like white anglo saxons fighting for the 'rights' of certain minorities in our country, now THAT is offensive.
  10. Freedom of speech is the fredom to offend.

    Didn't some other Radio guy get sacked for cracking a joke about Beckham?

    Apparantly Beckham was on the point of signing for Newcastle but changed his mind in disgust after what the toon army did in Asia!

    The question being, was this a sick joke about a massive loss of life, or a brilliant bit of satire about Mr Beckhams intelligence?
  11. I don't think it is offensive.

    What ian huntley did was offensive.

    The joke isn't.

    What the BBC are doing, making people apologise is offensive.

    The joke isn't.

    If you can't rip the p1ss out of a child killer with out getting chastised for it, who you can you take the p1ss out of?

  12. It is another example on how silly this Country has got on P.C.

    The prime example for me was saying that to award the policeman who headed up the 7/7 investigate was insensitive. Nothing about how insensitive it was to blow people up on a crowded tube.
  13. Political correctness is the real sick joke in this country. It has created the conditions in which the likes of Huntley thrive.
  14. Its like Germany in the 1930's only in negative, kinda, I know what i mean anyway, its state sanctioned reverse fashism (sp) and it's not uniting the country behind one (admittedly blatently wrong) cause as in Germany, rather, it's dismantling it bit by bit and turning a once proud and feircely patriotic nation into a fractious mess.

    Calm down BS, calm down...................
  15. I know my opinion is not PC but I'm also not a fan of sick jokes. However, a sick joke that ridicules bastards I can't get enough of. Had the joke been detrimental to the poor victims and the victims parents than I'd be fuming with rage.