Jeremy Vine today - Extremist Moslem done over by doris!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Themanwho, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Did Anyone else catch this?

    Absolutely barking moslem extremist was wattling on about how Reid was invading islamic territory by telling moslem mums & dads to watch their kids' wardrobes for explosive clothing, when he accused the Chaudri doris (acting as a counterpoint "moderate"), of not being islamic because she was "Half naked" (ie not burkha'd up) so she went medieval on his ass, and made him look like the cretin he is. Classic!

    Somebody's comment yesterday rang true: giving these lunatics the oxygen of publicity won't advance their cause, It'll show them for the backward buffoons they actually are.
  2. Superb! is there an audio link?
  3. I did, she certainly let him have it, especially after he said she didn't know how to wash properly!
  4. Sorry but my technophobia precludes use of anything more than typing!

    (Edited to add: thanks for getting the link JD, and can I have two fingers over ice? :D )
  5. Listened to it on a driving job. Hysterical! He kept on about her not being a true Muslim because she went to discos, etc, and that his reading of Islam was the only one. Her final comment was "you are reading the wrong book, mate!"

    She absolutely, totally, owned his jihadding arse! At one point she told him that if he didn't like it here he should leave, and he was unable to answer her. In fact, he was unable to answer any point at all without coming across like a point-avoiding terrorist.

    Showed him up for the ignorant, fundamentalist, misogynist, racist that he is.
  6. Did catch this, was excellent to see this cretin tied in knots under the spotlight off reasonable debate, something this man and his cronies would never allow!
    Strange how he didn`t answer a single question put to him, especially the one about "Why are you even living in this country?"
    It`s been said before and will be said again, why do these people use the platrorm of democracy including the rights of free speech and religious tolerence to try to drag us all back to the seventh century?
    Think he should exercise hus democratic right to get on a plane at Heathrow to anywhere that suits his narrow minded beliefs.
  7. I liked the part when he said that he was in a democracy with free speech and should therfore be allowed to make his point free from interruption.

    She then asked what his point was and he said he wanted Sharia Law!

    And he called her Sarah and she pointed out her name was Sariyah and was a Muslim name!
  8. I wonder what the BBC's reaction would have been if the person saying this had been an anglo-saxon. I expect it would have been 'indexed' by their online lawyer.

    * My bold
  9. According to today's Torygraph,Ruth Kelly wants more muslim women,wearing tradional headdress,to be used to read the news on the Beeb! Will such women always be on send,or is it possible they might be on receive,just now and again?
  10. One of the most effective (and entertaining) verbal savagings I've ever heard administered to a self-important cretin. Vine seemed to be joining in towards the end of the section I caught- 'my show, my rules'. Can't imagine Jimmy No-Longer-Young saying the same...
  11. Stupid stupid woman , has she bothered asking Muslim women what they want?

    Want to get this bloody nonsense under control? Start empowering Muslim women.
  12. Stupid, stupid PtP...this is a Liabour Government! Since when did what the proles think matter?
  13. It was Sairah Khan, by the way, from the Apprentice. She took his head off when he called her "Sarah".....

    She was very good, kept on at him no matter what crap he came out with. Trouble is that she will now be marked out as a non-believer - another example of the peace, love and understanding that is inherent in fundamental/radical religious interpretation.
  14. oh my could it be that some women actually want to wear the hijab?
    I swear you feminists are the worst!