Jeremy Kyle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FULLTRAIN, May 9, 2007.

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  1. :x C*CK :x

  2. I went to see him with some friends, last September. Cracking day out but surrounded by sub-human types all day. JK himself seems very motivated man... Marching around alot and rather energetic. Must be something in the coffee at Granada studios...
  3. Who is Jeremy Kyle?
  4. He's a C*CK!!!
  5. Rather a dynamic bloke.

    Has his moments. 8)
  6. Has he upset you dear? It's an effect he has on Chavs.
  7. Nothing like the fact he is an opionated, smug, arrogant, tit. brow bashing people (admittedly, stupid people) and generally acting "holier than thou"...

    yes he is a :x C*CK :x
  8. Its always entertaining to see the chavscum of the nation swearing at each other before friday night though.
  9. On balance, having watched him whilst working from home, taking tiffin - yes he is a C - o - c - k...but his views would not be out of place on this site and he does tear a lovely strip of a chav.
  10. ...Who used to be on BFBS.
  11. Spot on mate.
  12. I used to have a job working shifts, and I used to make a point of watching the JK show on mornings when I wasn't in work. Made me feel soooo much better about my own life.

    He is a professional Chav Scum baiter. You can't fault him for that!
  13. I know someone who's been on his fecking show. (hangs head in shame) :oops:
  14. A very dangerous man, with no qualifications, other than a sense of I know better, he screws with peoples lives & calls it entertainment, TOTAL COCK