Jeremy Kyle style election

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. With these continued debates and endless attempts at point scoring by appealing to the lowest common denominators in this country, has anybody else noticed that this election is now seemingly going to be won on who can argue like a filthy chav rather than actually looking at the policies they are trying to put forward. Seemingly not many people give a toss what the political parties stand for, can they argue like an 18 year old dole scrounger who is trying to avoid paying child support.
  2. I thought that would happen as soon as they announced the TV debates, it goes on how good you look and how well you talk, not your ability to get things done.
  3. I think we,and all the useless cnuts who think that they are going to be running the country, are in for a shock on the 7th May. The three stooges are making themselves look so f***ing stupid, and all the supposed experts talking just so much balls, they, are going to be told by the sane British public whats what, and its going to be a shock to them all
  4. Bwitish public sane? good giref what next....they'll be giving women the vote! Bah humbug