Jeremy Kyle Show- With The Most Hated Family In USA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armies, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone see the show..with this terrible family and their extreme views on soldiers who have died in Iraq?
  2. see them with Loius Theroux

    what a dispicable shower

    I say one thing, the Americans must be the most Law Abiding citizens ever

    if that gang tried them antics here

    they would have seven colours of shite knocked out of them
  3. I watched it today,the thing that pissed me off was the way they kept smirking and grinning.
  4. damn it,i missed a good one then:(

    i flick over and watch from time to time but only seem to catch incest fiddling oddballs going out with birds the size of a large saloon car:)

    any links:)lol

    springer has a great way of taking the pish and digging is a sutle art with him:)
    but jeremy does make me laugh.
  5. I watched the Theroux one and I am genuinely surprised that the states being the states one of them hasn't been shot yet. IIRC one of the kids did get nailed with a drinks carton from a moving car...unfortunate for the nipper but I can understand the sentiment!
  6. Doubt it mate you'd be told only that they are entitled to their freedom of speech and no doubt a lottery grant thanks to the madness of PC
  7. thankfully the PC shite

    Is not nearly as obvious this side of the Irish Sea
  8. American Chavs?
  9. Give it time, mate!
  10. No American "All soldiers are FAGS" religious nuts!
  11. The thing that pissed me off was their smirking, when talking of the death of British soldier Leon Spicer..telling his mother, who was also on the show that he has gone to hell.

    Fair play to her for going on the show and listening to such outragous views. I couldnt have done it.

    Lets bear in mind, they gate crash US soldiers funerals and abuse the families of the dead soldiers whilst they are been buried.

    This trash of a family need executing..surprised Mr Bush hasnt arranged this...
  12. Linky? Youve got me all fired up now for going and killing the cunts!
  13. Not seen the program but what you have just said is making my blood boil.

    I think theyve just knocked the Bush family off my original list. :evil:
  14. Knock yourself out probably search phelps on doubt some footage.
  15. What an utter utter complete and total twatfaced throbber!!

    Even those words do not describe how much venom and hate I feel for this man!