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Jeremy Kyle Recovering From testicular Cancer

He's a cock for sure, but to be honest about 90% of his guests are all absolute scum and I enjoy watching him give them a bollocking.
I read some mad thing somewhere about how staged it is and how they are encouraged to act up.

I'll need to do some googling - I'll get back to you.

(although I do not deny that the scum actually exist)
you are indeed correct, at least 90, if not more, % of his guests are complete scum and therefore, he is wasting his time bollocking them beacuse a) they're too thick to get the point he's trying to make, b) it's their parents, societys, anyone elses fault and therefore they'll never accept responsibility c)they get money and a night in a hotel (probably with a free minbar!) and being on the show is a status symbal for these cunts and cuntesses. Therefore he is provididing no decernable service to the public at large except to blatantly promote himself.


Kit Reviewer
Not seen his programme, unlikely I ever will.

The doris watches a US production, 'Extreme House Makeovers' which I've not followed either, but there's a Septic in it who cannot communicate without shouting. If it's on he's audible all over the joint.
I pray the twat gets throat cancer.
It's the only program on TV where the baby has more teeth than all 5 of its parents.
Seriously though, at what point during an argument do you say "why don't we get Jeremy Kyle to sort this out".
I swear he must hang around outside Lidl with a net and a stun gun.

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